Tuesday, May 25, 2010

don't worry, be happy

well, at least that is what i am trying, desperately to do.

this will be a flighty post because i am antsy.....wanting to do something but not sure what and right now that does not include house work.

the girl is making the sil's yummy taco dip.

i just got out of the shower. why did i wait until mid afternoon to shower i have no earthly idea. i always feel better after a shower.

the hubs' car is in fact kaput. well, we could invest (probably) several thousand dollars in its repair but it just isn't worth it. my sister graciously lent us one of her three vehicles for awhile, until we find something to replace the hubs' car. he is searching for something reliable, yet cheap. we don't want another car payment.

the boy and his girlfriend have exchanged pieces of flair on facelibre that say i love you. oy vey. i anticipate that this could possibly last through the summer. she starts middle school in the fall and probably will not think it cool to have a boyfriend a grade behind her. granted they don't see each other in school, only in karate class, but still.

today the boy tests for his high purple belt in karate. it has become such a part of our lives i sometimes fail to look at what he's accomplished. he just started taking classes in sept/oct and his passion for it hasn't waned. most of the time he takes a class 6 days a week, sometimes two a day. he is committed.

we got the 401k check yesterday and it is so very tempting to just say fuck it all and blow some of it on an elaborate disney vacation for the kids, but the responsible adult knows that that vacay could be the difference in a house payment or two. sometimes, a lot of the time, being a grown up sucks ass. instead, that money will go to get some sort of vehicle and then it will take up residence in the savings account to be doled out as sparingly as possible in the hopes that way before it runs out i will have a job. if not---anyone mind house guests for a little while? : )


Anonymous said...

I say you blow some money on something. How about another pedicure? Some from Starbucks?

cheatymoon said...

I'm with SIL - go get a pedicure. You'll feel better.

I think kids these days say 'I love you' a lot more freely than when we were that age. It freaked me out when my son and his friends started that business... I'm fine with it now.

Sorry about the dead car. Dead cars suck ass.


Gal Friday said...

Karate class love..that is so sweet. :-)

Sorry to hear about the car problems(at least you have a loaner for a while--hope you find a good deal soon)

I am about to take my evening shower--I love showers, too(especially later in the day...wash my cares away)

You can be house guests here anytime, if you can handle sharing our ONE small bathroom ! ;-) Just bring some of that taco dip, okay?

Penny said...

Oh, I wish we could meet for coffee and bitch...the situation we are in this summer was one we started planning for LAST summer, but we thought that SURELY by now I'd have a better paying job....oh, times are tough and I think about you guys a lot and I hope all is well.