Wednesday, May 12, 2010

half awake and random

the carnival went off without a hitch. when i told the girl my mom was coming her first thought was if mom would give them $10 or $5 for the event. it's sad that money is the first thing my kid thought of, but, when that's pretty much all of the attention you've ever gotten from someone, i guess it's to be expected. since there was a group of us it wasn't so hard not to talk to her. we were walking around a carnival as a group, so it's not like we were sitting face to face. i thought either she or my kids would go out of their way to talk to each other or maybe get a little face time together since it's been nearly two months since they've seen/talked to each other, but, no, not so much.

the boy's demo was great. he broke three out of four of his boards, showed off his bow skills and they did a little skit about bullying. after the folly my bro/sil and the kids came back to our house for a cookout. after dinner puddin' helped the hubs water the flowers and i could have died it was so cute. i flashed forward 25-30 years and saw our grandbaby out there with him : )

mother's day was wonderful. i slept in a little and woke to the hubs making breakfast. i got some great gifts (pedi gift certificate, topiary tree i've been wanting, a homemade book from the boy and some candy). we lounged around a bit, started opening the pool, then went out to dinner. when we got home the boy decided we needed to play a game of nerf gun death tag---6 shots and you're out. the girl was the last man standing.

i thought it was funny to see all the post on fb from the mom's who had breakfast in bed. i really don't like eating in bed. maybe drinking coffee, but not eating a full blown meal. several years ago, when the kids were much, much younger, like possibly when we first moved in this house, they tried to bring me breakfast in bed. early. very early. like 7 am early. on mother's day. i am ashamed to say i went off. i got huffy and pissy at being woken up so early on MY day. sadly, the kids still remember this. i HATE that.

the mama bird is nesting again. apparently robins can brood 2-3 times a year, though they don't produce as many eggs after the first time. first nest was three babies; this time there's one egg in the nest.

in other yard news--we've started harvesting our strawberries : ) and some cherry toms. all of the little veggies we started from seed never even made it into the ground. the ones that did sprout died. so, not such a farmer after all. the peony i got from my grandma's yard bloomed this year. though it's pink and not white. i read online that if you have an especially cold spring this could happen. i think we need to move it--it's not getting enough sun.

there is a boy in the boy's karate class that the girl has had her eye on for awhile. i am not thrilled about this. he is the karate master's new foster kid. the karate master and his wife seem to collect foster kids who need extra help. they usually have some behavioral issue. this kid in particular was having problems w/ his parents so his parents turned him over to the karate master to straighten him out. this, the story we've heard through the little karate grapevine. so, not only does this kid have issues, he most likely will not be in the picture for a long time because i'm assuming he'll go home to live w/ his folks at some point. anyway, last night he finally actually SPOKE to the girl. she came home on cloud nine. giggly, giddy, high pitched, fast talking. wow.

the boy also has a karate crush. a girl in his class. she is his age, but is the senior belt in his class. she's the only other kid in there that seems as into it as the boy. she's got the skills, and when she wants to use them she is fun to watch. she's limber and graceful. they are now friends on fb too. i am not ready for this.

last week the girl had to bring in an example of a song that contained hyperbole and onomatopoeia and she took in the lyrics to love shack by the b52s. i was so proud. she said half of her classmates had never heard of the song. i'm sure they haven't heard of the latest one she's stuck on---99 luftballons by nena. also, makes me proud : )

here is my apology to shere. i honestly have no idea how it happened, but she got bumped off the blog roll. awhile back she switched platforms. i didn't have the new one bookmarked. i switched layouts. lost my blogroll. got her blog info and then i was lazy and didn't add it back. i'm sorry my sweet. please forgive me?


justsomethoughts... said...

money makes the world go round
at least it does for some people
member the beatles ?
cant buy me love
some people wont stop trying though…

I’m sure they remember the good stuff more
A fiercely devoted mother, for starters…

as evidenced by your posts in general

cheatymoon said...

Cool random. Your gardening skillz amaze me.
Sorry about the crushes. I will never be ready for that.
Glad your mother's day was nice. :-)

Not Your Aunt B said...

Glad it went well. You both are bigger people than I am. I hate breakfast in bed too. And at 7 am! YIKES! I won't be ready for the crushes either.