Tuesday, May 4, 2010

he really IS everywhere

god is on fb. well, i don't think he personally has an account, cos i'm sure if he did he'd have the most friends and his wall would be full of requests and then they'd make a zynga game about him and ....it would just get out of hand.

no, what i meant is, people are bringing him to fb and it is starting to annoy me. i am not anti-religion. ok, that's not really true. i can't wrap my head around or get into organized religion. i have a faith, i believe in god, but not necessarily how the majority see him. anyhoo.

my sister has started posting random bible verses, like this from yesterday: "Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not." Romans 12:14. later my mom posted a comment about unforgiveness being a sign of pride and forgiveness being a sign of love or some such horse shit. i looked this morning and her comment has been deleted. hmmm. the hubs says she does this a lot, throws something out there and then deletes it. really? grow the FUCK up!

so i have random family members posting god words and there is a "friend" from college who has apparently grown up and become a bible thumper. i'm sorry. i know some of you go to church, and i'm not knocking church at all, it's just not for me right now, but it seems every single post this girl puts up is about church and god and retreats etc.

this particular girl is one that i lived w/ my senior yr in college. we had an apartment and by that time i had gotten into the college partying life and she was pretty straight. she was dating a guy a yr younger than her (i'm friends w/ him on fb too) and they'd been dating since high school. they were total opposites. he wanted to go out and have fun, party, shoot pool, whatever, and she wanted to stay home and plan their wedding and do her accounting homework. needless to say--they didn't end up together. i think she might be married to a preacher (i could be wrong) and he owns a bar. (totally got off track there.)

i am all for free speech. i really am. and i know i can delete posts or unfriend people, but i just find it all interesting and irritating at the same time.


Astarte said...

I go to church, and I'm still not fond of being preached to on fb. I don't mind general comments, or the occasional well-timed quote, but otherwise I find it tiring.

cheatymoon said...

I find it interesting too. Only ever so slightly annoying. But I hear you.

Anonymous said...

Here is my hypocrite statement. Please forgive me.
---The two people I know of quoting scripture have not attended church much if ever in the last 13 years. What makes them an expert on scriptures? Did they have to search hard to find something that fit their motive? I can't stand things taken out of context.

Gal Friday said...

When I first read your title to this entry, I thought you were going to have some kind of preachy entry--which I was a little surprised by.
I am not very religious myself(basically an agnostic), so sometimes feel a little bothered, like you do--or feel I can't relate-- whenever I read somone's scripture quotes at a blog or elsewhere. I totally respect that person's belief system, though(and admire those religious friends I have who are gracious and cool enough not to be preachy about it)

Surely said...

I think it's the same as the people who print their political beliefs, assuming that everyone agrees with them. It's just not a good idea.

Although I have been known to "dislike" a a friends status with the comment of "Love, your bleeding heart liberal friend"

justsomethoughts... said...

is there any way to make sure their updates dont hit your screen ?
i'm not into facebooking, so i dont know if thats possible or not...

Anonymous said...

I know I told you this already, but for the "offical" record.... Of course I don't mean you and your hubs!!! I was thinking of the 2 peas in a pod! I think your sis may be a spy, but your bro thinks she really doesn't know any better. She thinks of her differently because they are joined at the hip. He said she was raised in a different era of their parenting. SAME people though!!

drollgirl said...

um, i have two words on the topic of facebook: FUCK FACEBOOK. all of my brother's RETARDED religious and political updates and giving flowers or plants or whatever CONSTANTLY made me delete my account. it is worse than twitter. i hate it.

but enough of my rant!

i hope you have a great weekend!

Not Your Aunt B said...

Those comments make me crazee. I know there's some way to filter all the FB crap, I just dunno how.