Wednesday, October 14, 2009

yes, this is a real conversation

me: ya know, maybe i could start a phone sex line to make money.

hubs: yeah, i've thought about that, but i bet they're hurting because of the economy.

me: true. people probably wouldn't spend money on that if they're out of a job.

hubs: i read somewhere that the adult entertainment industry has been hit hard (get it, hard) by the economy and all the free porn on the internet. porn stars who were making $150,000 last year are making $30,000-$40,000 this year.

me: hmph. yeah, i feel real sorry for them.

hubs: someone should pay me to have sex. could you imagine--yeah, gotta go into the office today. what? another cum shot? oh, alright. what? you want me to do it again? damn. TWO girls? you are such a slave driver. yeah, this is a tough job.

me: you were just dreaming of getting paid to live out your fantasies weren't you?

hubs: (laughing) uh, yeah.


drollgirl said...

hahahah! every man's dream! well, almost every man!

cheatymoon said...

Funny stuff, ck.

Pseudo said...

You two are cracking me up.

And. Seriously? My word veri id dickswen