Wednesday, October 21, 2009

when less is more

saturday the hubs and i celebrated 17 years of marriage. wow. for some reason 17 has impressed me more or hit me more than the anniversaries that have come before.

depending on the year and our financial and child situation we've done everything from have a date night to go to the beach (where we honeymooned) to no gifts to extravagant gifts.

this year we had a great day. we opted not to do gifts in light of...well, hell, i don't have a job and christmas is coming and then there was the whole debit card debacle (which is pretty much straightened out).

we took the kids to get pumpkins--we always get four--and then we carved them and roasted pumpkin seeds (the girl and i LOVE them). we went to dinner at my favorite restaurant and there was some nooky in there somewhere as well for good measure. we looked through our wedding album. i cried. on our honeymoon we wrote each other letters to be read on our first anniversary. we read those, along w/ our vows, and of course i bawled. so sweet. so tender.

sometimes on anniversaries or birthdays we get so wrapped up into making it an event, into finding that perfect gift that tells the other person how very much you love them, as if it's even possible to convey so much love w/ an object. we concentrate on those things so much that we actually forget to live in the moment and realize why we're together. it was good to savor the day and remember why i married the bad boy turned best friend turned boy friend turned lover turned husband.


justsomethoughts... said...

17 is a long time.

beautiful post.

lucky guy .

Gal Friday said...

Awww...that whole letters to each other thing is SO romantic. In fact--you and the Hubs are so romantic together(me and mine went out to see a stand-up comedian for our 17th...what does that say about us?)
Yeah...17 years together IS a long time, until you meet couples who say they have been together 30 plus years..yikes!

Not Your Aunt B said...

17 is a long time. I love how you celebrated.

Hotch Potchery said...

First, when did you redecorate? LOVE IT.

Second, that is very sweet...we didn't have vows, or do the letter thing, but I wish we would have...

Happy Anniversary!!

Pseudo said...

I love this. I cannot remember the last time we looked at our wedding photos.

Happy 17th!

cheatymoon said...

I love this post. Congratulations to all four of you. xo

Penny said...

I love your letter idea, that is really sweet.

Our anniversary is a few days after my sons birthday and it always seems to get swallowed up in his birthday festivities. On our 5th anniversary I was still in the hospital after having Eli. Next year is our 10th and we HAVE to do something cool!

Happy Anniversary!

drollgirl said...

17 years! congratulations. and this is so sweet, and i am so glad you two are happy! yay!