Wednesday, October 7, 2009

i'm alive...and there are bullets

this is just a quick update to let you all know (are you still there???) that i'm still alive and am doing much better than was indicated by my last two posts. i hit a low point there for a few days. then the girl got sick the last two days of the week, doc said no strep or flu, she was sick all weekend then the doc called monday and it was strep. she's finally back at school but today the boy is home w/ a cough and fever. soooo, while he's feeling much better than the girl did i'm waiting to see if it turns into strep.

we were supposed to go to a family cookout saturday, but w/ the girl having a fever and being sick we didn't. it is probably for the best. i have calmed down from all of that as well, it will go back into hiding for awhile again. thank you to those who commented or emailed. i know that was quite a bomb to drop. i feel better for getting it off my chest, but am curious about the people irl who read it and haven't said anything about it. they don't know what to say? they're embarrassed? too much? i don't know. but, regardless, it is ok. it is something that i'll always carry w/ me i'm sure.

i am still frustrated about the job---had high hopes for it and it seemed like it was a perfect fit for me in so many ways. i am trying to get back on the horse, find something else to apply for and get back in that groove. nothing looks promising so far this week. i keep trying to hold on to hope though.

i am reminded, daily, that there are so many people who have it worse than we do. we are fortunate that we've been able to stay afloat this long, but i really do need to get back to work. i am feeling unproductive (aside from needing to financially).

what else?

* i finished the time traveler's wife. great book. sad, but great. i don't want to see the movie though.

*october is a busy month for us. the boy turns 10 in a few weeks, my sil and nephew also have bdays this month, our anniversary is coming up (17 years!) and of course my favorite holiday, halloween : )

*we're doing some yard projects, i'll take and post a pic of our latest one today or tomorrow.
update--here are shots of the latest project. the red brick chips circle the pool (to the left) and the hubs created this vignette in front of the lattice that hides the pool pump/motor stuff. tres cool yes? the lotus thing is a fountain.

*we are thinking about taking the kids here for an overnight trip the weekend of our anniversary (oct. 17).

*is it weird that i think adam from mythbusters is hot? (did you know that eel skin wallets are not made from eels but from hagfish? yeah, me neither)


Astarte said...

I think Adam is hot, too, but really only when he has his hair cut really short. Actually, all the guys on that show are really handsome except for Grant. Poor Grant.

I'm glad your emotions have calmed down a bit. Flare-ups are hard to cope with.

The yard looks nice!

cheatymoon said...

So cute that you are taking your kids on a trip for your anniversary.

If you want Adam to be hot, that's fine. As long as you understand that Mike Rowe is also very hot.

Hope there are no more sniffles and coughs in your house. We have a bug here. It sucks.


Pseudo said...

Hoping you are all on the mend.

Ali said...

I don't want to see the time traveler's wife movie either. I think it would ruin it for me but the book was great.

Adam from Mythbusters?? Yes. That is very wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.


Gal Friday said...

Hagfish? I don't even know what that is, but it is probably even uglier than an eel.
Good to read this entry and see you are carrying on--was actaully thinking of e-mailing you the other day, as it has been too quiet over here in Creative Kerfuffle-ville after last week.

I heard the movie version ot "The Time Traveller's Wife" sucked. Have you heard about the new Niffenegger(that name makes me giggle) one?? It sounds fantastic! husband and I have our
17th anniv. coming up this month, too, and you are now the third couple I have learned has a 17th wedding in October(including the Obamas).

I like your peaceful Buddha nook(my yard looks like white trash hell right now--have lost all interest in it...)

Kristin.... said...

You're back! I've missed you.

I haven't read that book. Guess I need to get it!

I hope the kids get better soon. having sick kids sucks.

And family stuff just blows. I can't remember if I commented or not. Oy.

Penny said...

I love your new Zen relaxing garden, it is great!

I'm sorry about the job stuff, I really am. It is really hard out there and really hard to stay positive!

Not Your Aunt B said...

Why is it that things are getting crazier instead of calming down? I feel your business. Love the rock/zen/meditation garden.

drollgirl said...

i haven't been here in so long. i am so sorry -- i can't seem to keep up w/everything. i hope you are doing ok!