Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hello it's me

This is pretty much an exercise in pouring out my thoughts as I'm sure the few people who once read this have long since given it up because of my infrequent posts.

I'm doing a list today that is in no particular order of importance. Hang on.

1. This is part of the peony I dug up from my Grandma's yard last August. I can't begin to tell you what this plant means to me, even though I doubt it will flower this year. I planted it under a magnolia tree, just like Maw-Maw (that's West Virginian for Grandma) had her's; it makes me feel connected to her.

2. The Boy and Girl have really enjoyed the trampoline they got for Christmas. We were afraid it would be one of those things they lost interest in after a few days, but just about every day they're out there jumping. They're bound to have strong leg muscles.

3. There was a horrible rumor going around that Vincent D'Onofrio (aka Bobby Goren from Law & Order) died recently. If you have concrete evidence of this please notify me as I Googled him and it doesn't come up. These are things I need to know, like when the day comes and Rod dies.

4. My new boyfriend is Joaquin Phoenix. If you haven't seen Walk the Line yet, do so now. I realize June Carter and Johnny Cash fooled around while he was married, but you cannot deny the true passion they shared and it's just incredible.

5. This weekend the Hubby and I were talking about first kisses. After wading through the mire that is my horrible memory I realized my first kiss was the guy the Hubby set me up with before we dated. I was 14. I know, kinda old, but it really was my first. No grade school kisses or pecks on the cheek or anything. So that's not the important thing. The thing that pissed me off is that that stupid boy told the Hubby that I gave him a BJ in the park behind the Hubby's house! Can you believe that shit? And, after going on 14 years of marriage this never came up before? I'm so not believing this and so irritated. I'd like to kick that little punk's ass!


Anonymous said...

Peonies, BJ's and a College Degree in 2 weeks...what more could you want from a blog?

Phoenix said...

There is a round trampoline. A equipment is great for your family