Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Boy's broken heart

If you've been reading Creative Kerfuffle you may already know of The Boy's love for one of my best friends, Donut. She's 10 years younger than me and about 20 years older than him, yet since the first time he met her he's had a crush on her.

When Donut started dating Jelly I told the Boy it was serious. At that time he seemed ok with it, realizing Donut wasn't really going to marry him. About a month ago Donut and Jelly were coming for dinner.

Me: Donut and them will be here around 6 p.m.
The Boy: Oh, I need to get a shower. Uh, who's them?
Me: Donut and Jelly, her boyfriend.
The Boy: Guess I don't need to take a shower then.

He pouted for awhile and when they arrived he spent the rest of the evening writing her love notes and not talking to Jelly.

Last week Donut called to say Jelly had proposed; she's engaged.
The Boy heard me talking on the phone and threw himself down and started pounding the floor. He got up and ran off.
I found him later sitting on the couch moping.
Me: What's wrong?
The Boy: I don't want Donut marrying Jelly. (He's sobbing uncontrollably at this point)
Me: Boy, she's too old for you. Besides, Donut will still be your friend and still love you even when she's married.
The Hubby: C'mere boy. (Boy sits on his lap.) Have you ever flirted with a married woman?
The Boy: DADDY! You can't do that. Do you think Donut will let me be her best man?
The Hubby: Girl's don't have best men Buddy. Besides, by the time you're old enough to have a little buddy of your own Donut will be an old lady and won't be able to have kids.
The Boy: Where's the phone, I need to call Donut.
Me: Don't be mean to her.
I dial the phone and he's quit crying and starts talking to her.
Before he gets out the word congratulations he starts crying again and hands me the phone.
Donut: Tell him I'll dance with him at the wedding.
I tell him and he puffs out his chest.
The Boy: Really? I need to get a tux.
Me: Honey, the wedding's not until next spring, we have time.

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