Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Our familiar things

Does every family have certain little quirks or inside sayings, jokes, etc. or is it just my family? I don't know what got me thinking about this, but here are some things we do or say that people outside the four of us might not understand.

Kids: Where are we going?
Dad's standard answer: Vermont
We have never been to Vermont, we have no family/friends in Vermont, yet somehow this became a part of our culture.

Kids: What are we having for dinner?
Parents: Oh, a little vomit and some worms (or whatever other disgusting things we can think of).
This probably came about from when we used to watch Fear Factor. The kids also use this when I ask, so what did you have for lunch today. Answer--maggots and dung beetles.

The Hubby ponders things. When he's sitting there looking pensive and you say what's up, he says just pondering.

Before The Girl's speech was fully developed she used to say, Pickameyup (Pick me up), at nine she remembers this and still says it playfully on occasion or asks me to hold her like a baby.

The Boy's last words before bed each night, after the I love yous and hugs and kisses, are Can you and Daddy come check on me later?

The Hubby's sweet endearment to us is I'm glad you're my girl/boy. They typically respond, I'm glad you're my Daddy.

The dogs are referred to as the children's sisters (by the Hubby, not me).

In our family we eat at Chinese buffets, roast marshmallows in our backyard, color lots of eggs at Easter, decorate sugar cookies at Christmas, ponder deeply over Halloween costumes, make people sandwichs, have a craft drawer and a junk drawer in the kitchen, don't make our beds, fold clothes in the den, ask for two more minutes when it's time to get up, say I love you several times a day and periodically count freckles on the Boy and Girl.

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