Wednesday, September 21, 2011

if i only had the nerve

in my head i am a balls out kind of person. i vent. i go off. i call people out on their totally fucktardiness. i am a badass mofo. in my head. in person i nod politely or hold my tongue (except of course w/ my family). maybe i should clarify...

yes for the love of god i do realize that changes on facebook are not the fucking end of the world, but, if i want to get on there and vent because they have made that thing such a fucking chore to use i don't even know why i bother, then don't write some holier than though post about how it's free and i'm not required to use it...blah blah blah. shut the fuck up. instead of writing that comment on fb i am sharing it w/ you here.

my sister has been posting that her middle child, the boy who creates havoc w/ all of the kids whenever we all get together, says he is getting picked on at school and she is fuming mad at the principal. my bro politely commented that his son said the same thing before and in the end they found out he was actually the one causing the problems. my sister apparently is one of those parents who thinks their kid can do no wrong. oy fucking vey. and after reading all of her other posts i'm quite sure her fucking house must be sparkling clean because that is all she talks about. or that someone is sick. or that she's just bought the kids some new cloths. i know i know--it's a free country, people can post whatever they like. but really? shut the fuck up already.

i am getting more into the rhythm of my workplace now and have discovered that i seriously fucking want to get one of those t-shirts that say...just because you waited until the very last minute to fucking get something done (even though i might have been prodding you about it for weeks) doesn't mean it is now my burden at the 11th hour. and while we're at it--omg...please, please please stop using the word ubiquitous. part of me thinks you are being witty by planting it in every paragraph of your work, but then i realize you aren't and it just makes me want to scream. also? can we just teach a class on marketing 101 to the whole fucking company? instead of saying this 12 times today i held myself in check, went out for a smoke, and then spewed all of this stupidity to the hubs on the phone as i was driving home. oh man. i am not a politically minded person by any means. while the hubs is a republican, i consider myself an independent, mainly because i can lean both ways depending on the issue. in a nutshell--i don't think the government has a right to tell me, if i make an ass load of money, that i should have to pay more in taxes because i made more money. flat tax across the board. i don't think the government should preclude people of any sex from getting married. i don't think they should tell churches what they can or can't do (not because i don't believe it in but i believe in the government staying out of the church's business). why should any one else care if two men or two women want to get married? are they marrying YOU? then get your fucking nose out of their business.


Anonymous said...

You needed to vent!!

My work situation is rifuckingdiculous right now. Continuous requests that simply cannot be met in their timeframe. Stupid administrators that really should try to sit down in my classroom before they ask me to do one. more. thing.

Thanks for letting me vent on your space.


Anonymous said...

I love venting. But if I do it on Twitter, I have a "friend" criticize everything I say, so I don't do it there. If I do it on FB, I have family members bitch at me. Really? MYOB.


I tend to keep my opinions to myself. I hate putting myself out there and being criticized for it. I thought that "opinion" meant it belonged to one person only, but apparently if you give an opinion everyone can walk all over you and say you're wrong, dumb, whatever.


Ok, I guess I needed to vent too. :)

Possum said...

Double hell yeah...I'm right there with Annabelle... spew it right out!!
In fact if we all spit together we might even manage to drown the (ubiquitous) fucktards!

The Mayor said...

Thanks for getting the cussing in there so I don't have to.

I pretty much agree, with everything you said. I'll give you an amen to that.