Thursday, July 28, 2011

hello? is anyone still here?

i haven't posted in a long time...not because there hasn't been anything to write, but because i have less time than i used to.

the new job (how long are you at a job before you quit calling it the new job?) is going well. i have days of feeling completely overwhelmed. days where i feel like i must have been living under a rock for the last decade because there is so much i have to learn. days when i feel like if i have to attend one more meeting my head very well may explode. but, most of the time, i like it. my rose colored glasses are slipping down a little in that i don't think this is the picture perfect company i thought it was, but that happens w/ everyone doesn't it? the people in my department are mostly cool. the quiet ones are coming out of their shell a bit. i think they were probably shell shocked from the last person who had my job, from what i can gather. i think she was a bit of a bitch and they dreaded working with her. it's always good to come in behind someone others didn't love to death.

the summer is flying by, although i cannot wait for this heat and humidity to be gone. it makes me cranky.

last weekend we escaped the heat w/ my brother and his family. we took a day trip a couple of hours away along the blue ridge parkway. it was perfect. we found a picnic table by the stream and we enjoyed playing in the water. it was about 20 degrees cooler there. a breeze. shade. perfect. later in the afternoon it started thundering so we packed up and headed down the parkway. we stopped at a historic house along the parkway and sat on the huge wrap around porch overlooking the valley and a lake while it drizzled rain. it was sublime. it was the most relaxing, best day we've had in a long time.

i will try to be better about posting. i miss reading and being read. i hope you are all doing well. oxox


Fragrant Liar said...

Still here. Barely. ;-)

Unknown said...

Me! Me! I'm still here.

I'm so glad you're (mostly) enjoying your not so new job.

I think a lot of bloggers lighten the posting and reading in the summer, so don't worry about it.

Except for mine. You MUST come read and comment on mine, because I'm your favorite. ; )

Anonymous said...

Glad you found the time to write a bit. It was good seeing you this week!

Sweet T

PS: Funny, my word verification is "muling."

cheatymoon said...

Well, you know life does get in the way of posting...

Glad your job is going well and good to see you in my Google reader again.


Possum said...

I'm also here!!
Busy summer over here as well. I think I'm more of a reader than a writer anyway so I'll dust the place out a bit and put some fresh flowers in the vases for you.

Surely said...


Don't feel bad, I still owe you a email.

Glad things are going well!