Sunday, July 10, 2011

sleepy random post

*the boy spent the night at a friend's house last night and the kid's dad just brought him home. otherwise i would still be asleep, like everyone else in the house.

*the hubs has had a summer cold for the last couple of days....hacking, headache, feeling like crap. i've been dosing him w/ nyquil in the evenings and mucinex during the day.

* i am sporting not one but three friendship bracelets made and given to me by the girl. i think there is an unwritten rule that if your 14 year old kid gives you a friendship bracelet you pretty much have to wear it for the rest of your life, even if you have a big meeting coming up on tuesday.

* the meeting isn't really THAT big of a deal, more like a pain in the ass. i have to organize said mtg. the head honcho likes to meet w/ a dozen or more people throughout the company each month (from all levels and divisions) and i have to make sure a dozen or more people are there and have not been there before and all of the computer equipment is set up and the agenda is ready and there are name plates, etc.

*at what point do you stop making people do something they don't want to do? my SIL is being the peacemaker in our family and has invited my folks and my sister to her house today to hang out. while normally we jump at the chance to hang out w/ my SIL/bro and the family groans when i tell them the rest of the guest list. at what point to i stop making them go to these get togethers?

*i have started investigating the prospect of visiting the FIL this year. in my perfect world we would board the dogs at cool kennel and fly to OK. price? $1800 before ANYTHING is done but flying/boarding. so...looks like we will be driving to OK this year. how do families afford vacations that require flying and/or staying in a hotel for more than 3 days?

* i am becoming desperate, desperate i tell you, to be at the beach, even if it is only for a 3-4 day weekend. actually, that would be just fine for me. i want to go so badly i can taste the saltwater in my mouth.

*we watched just go with it (which i keep wanting to call just do it....thank you nike) last night (adam sandler and jen anniston). good movie. laughed out loud a few times; love the actors, etc. i hope this isn't a spoiler---but they end up going to hawaii (a big group). so...sandler's character is paying for six people to fly and stay in hawaii. he didn't book ahead (so this is last minute pricing) and the two rooms he books are $8,000 and $12,000 a NIGHT. yes...i realize this is a movie and it is not a central part of the plot in anyway, but i fixated on that part. yeah, i'm weird.


Unknown said...

Ugh..i feel you on that family time issue. And IMO you don't have to force them more than once a year. One yearly visit from hell tops.

I think you just have to nicely ask the SIL to please stop trying to force y'all. Maybe she'll understand and respect your feelings. Surely she's seen how awful your mom can be.

Possum said...

I agree with Annabelle. I would also just say thanks but no thanks to the invite when it involves the others being there.
I will send salt water thoughts to you when I go for my daily sea swim...okay?

Pseudo said...

Yeah. That flying thing makes it tough to get off the rock. And road trips are one of the top things I miss about living in the mainland.

Anonymous said...

You remind me that I am spoiled with the ocean minutes from my house and, well, we rarely go. Went the other night to sit and introduce the dog to the concept of ocean, since we're pretty sure she hadn't been before.

It would be a huge big deal for us to fly and stay in a hotel anywhere for more than a night. We have only been on a handful of mini-vacations that include hotel. Sigh. It's on the agenda for next summer, since this summer has been the summer of the puppy.

Hope the hubs gets better soon.

Good luck w/ the meeting!