Monday, March 8, 2010

through the fog

gal friday does this sometimes, describes her dreams, and before this one completely melts away i ...crap, it's fading.

the basic thing is that my friend april and i somehow managed to get parts in an incredible movie. i have no idea what the movie was about because it seems that after i read for my part i didn't have time to read the entire script before we got hired. april came up and asked me if i realized some of my lines required me to tell her her mother had died, and of course i had no idea i'd have to do that. (side note her mother did die in real life and no, i wasn't the one to tell her.)

we were whisked away to some secret location. i was excited thinking we would be shooting in australia or somewhere else as different, but april told me it would most likely be some where in the u.s. southwest. hmmm, maybe we were shooting a western?

we show up at the hotel, for some reason the hubs was with me and my parents and brother and sister, although they weren't actually my parents and my brother and sister were about 20 years younger than they actually are.

the morning of our first reading, or run through or take or whatever it's called, i was in a panic. we had gone to the cafeteria (i'm guessing) for breakfast and coming out of there we had to go down a huge escalator. i LOATHE big down escalators. they scare me. they freak me out. my friend april knows this and she went down first. the escalator morphed into scaffolding so i told april to bring me a chair and help me down. she said i needed to face my fears and jump. i panicked. and cried. i remember that feeling so vividly, that being scared and crying and hardly being able to breathe. but i jumped and it was over. then i was talking to the hubs about when we had to be on set and how far away was it and omg i didn't even unpack or know where my script was.

then the alarm went off and it was time to get the girl up. so weird.

i have no doubt that the movie portion of this dream was influenced by the fact that i watched the awards last night. i never do that, really can't remember the last time i did it. maybe when i was a kid living at home and there were only three channels and the awards were a bigger deal than they are now? don't know. but, my kids started watching it, got to see half an hour of it and then i watched the whole damn thing.

admittedly i haven't seen a lot of the movies that were up for awards. we did see district 9 though and frankly i'm confused as to how it could be nominated for anything. but, then who am i?

i thought martin and baldwin did a fine job as hosts go. although i was shocked at the very end when they announced the winner for director and best picture and katherine bigelow was standing between them. baldwin smacked her ass like they'd just finished a football game! really. i rewound it to make sure i wasn't seeing things and he did. really? the woman has just been honored as best director (first time a woman's won) and her movie won best movie of the year and alec baldwin fanny smacked her.

really, i had no idea who she was before last night and i don't know a thing about james cameron other than he's got to be talented and rich since he made titanic and avatar and i'm sure other movies i can't remember, but they're exes. they sat near each other and all night they're movies were competing against each other for top honors. you know her winning best director and picture had to really, really feel especially good. (yes, i realize i'm making a lot of assumptions here).

i almost bawled (but also laughed out loud) when sandra bullock gave her acceptance speech. she's wonderful. i was hoping meryl streep would win, because honestly i think she's an incredible actress and can't believe she's never won.

clooney, the handsome devil, looked pissed off all night. i think that just might be his look though. and, while i do like watching him in movies, i'm not convinced he's the best actor anyway. i mean whatever movie he's in it's like he's always the same person. does that make any sense? w/ meryl streep, for example, i believed that she was julia child or karin von blixen (in my fave out of africa) or sophie in sophie's choice. there are a slew of others. actors who lose themselves in the character (and the character they play is always different from the last) always impress me more than the ones who play the same type of character all the time or who don't lose themselves in the role. i think this is why i like johnny depp too (aside, of course, from his hotness). he's always stretching himself in a role.

there was a poignant tribute to john hughes w/ actors who got their starts in his films; a montage of clips from people who died over the year (i didn't know ron silver had died) w/ james taylor playing in the background and then a very long dance segment which they could have done w/out and let the winners talk more. i always felt bad for the winners who had 2-3 or more people in their group and only one or two of them got to thank anyone. i did like the way they introduced the best actors/actresses by having someone they've worked w/ say nice things about them though. michelle pfeiffer's tribute to jeff bridges seemed the most heart-felt and sincere and you could see it really touched him. however, when he got up to accept his award the hubs and i wondered if he wasn't a bit tipsy.

i didn't watch the red carpet stuff so i have no idea what dresses got trashed or awed over but i'm always flabbergasted at that anyway. you know they've most likely spent a butt load on the dress (even if the designer gave it to them there was the expense to make it) all for one night. i doubt those dresses ever get worn again. on the other hand the guys can buy a tux and be done w/ it and wear it year after year. what a waste.


Penny said...

I don't think I have ever watched the Oscars. I don't think I'm sophisticated enough to like artsy movies...

cheatymoon said...

That dream is wild. It's so cool that you got so many details down.

I didn't watch last night - though I did watch part of the red carpet. I hadn't seen any of the movies. I do want to see the Jeff Bridges movie - on account of his hotness. :-)

The Mayor said...

I pretty much believed Meryl Streep was Julia Child! But I have to say I was touched by Sandra Bullock in the Blind Side.(that doesn't happen often)

I'll admit I have pretty unsophisticated tastes.

Surely said...

The John Hughes tribute made me feel SO OLD. Ugh.

I liked Sandra Bullock's speech. I fell (more) in love with Jesse James (her husband) when he said "I love you" when they announced her name before announcing the award.

How about the poor guy getting Kanye'd? And how about it now being called "Getting Kanye'd"? hahahaha

Hey, how's the daughter?

Not Your Aunt B said...

Didn't watch the Oscars, but loved the recap!

Gal Friday said...

You remembered so much from your dream--what an amazing ride that was going on in your brain cells that night(morning)! I even got a little anxious and emotional, myself, from reading about it.

I didn't watch the Oscars, but enjoyed getting your take on it.

I never got the whole Clooney love thing and I felt a little sad that Streep was overlooked again, but if anyone had to win Best Actress, I was glad it was Bullock.

I watched "Planes, Trains, And Automobiles" last Sunday and laughed so hard--a great John Hughes flick that I hadn't seen in a long time(John Candy was great--another one gone)

I am sorry I am always such a comment "hog" here and write too much.

Gal Friday said...

One more thing--I agree with *only*--Jeff Bridges is HAWT!("The Fisher King" is one of my favorite films of all time)

cheatymoon said...

No kidding, T. I LOVED The Fisher King Amazing movie. And Jeff Bridges just gets better w/ age. He makes me want to buy a Hyundai. Ha. xo