Friday, March 12, 2010

le sigh

ahhhhhhhh........can you feel me breathing a sigh of relief? yeah, well, that's because i got my blog roll back. i was lost. i wasn't going to tell you this, but i will because i know some of you could use a good laugh. so....when i was noodling around w/ the template i thought i screwed up and lost my blog roll. that's like losing a life line because i don't use any of the readers or other fancy techniques to get to your blogs, i use my blogroll. i dreaded the task of either going through a ton of bookmarks or comments etc. to get to you blogs so i could start the cutting and pasting of links and blah blah blah. so, just after i finished doing that 30 minutes ago, i scrolled down further on the template and guess what? yeah, there was my blog roll. lord. but, it did give me a chance to cut out people i don't read any more and add a few sites i'd been missing and even a few i hope to start reading. i'm so glad you're back on my right side. i will be around to catch up this weekend.

and now for a grab bag of totally random stuff

1. a couple of weeks ago the boy started verbally compiling his bucket list. here are a few items on said list: see van morrison in concert and poop outside.

2. mono has hit in full force now. the girl missed school wed/thurs and half of today. i talked to her vice principal today because next week they have end of quarter testing (if she misses pieces and parts she can make them up, no biggie) and the week after that is the 7th grade class trip to the outer banks. as it stands right now i don't think the girl will be going, unless a miracle happens and she gets over mono quicker than anyone on the planet. we've talked a little about this. she's of course devastated, but i think still hoping she can go.

3. tomorrow we are to go to my parents' house to celebrate my dad's birthday. blech. dear dad--here's a topsy turvy tomato plant because you've never used anything else we've ever given you. movies?cds? never taken the wrapper off of. gift cards? never used. screw you asshole.

4. i am getting a bit paranoid. i have had a couple of leads on some freelance work. i've emailed or talked w/ people who led me to believe they were interested and then nothing. like i have the plague (or mono). oh, and for the record? i have yet to find a company that will pay me to blog. i know it seems like telecommuting would be something i could snap my fingers and do, but surprisingly, no. maybe in a big metro area or city or something, but not so much here.

5. i am reading stephen king's duma key and it rocks the casbah (i totally misspelled that didn't i?). seriously. i think after the dome and now this book i've fallen in love w/ him all over again.

6. the girl and i finished the 2000-piece puzzle two days ago. i will take and post pics this weekend. we are stoked. i have glued it. now to find a frame that will fit. it's huge.

7. my sil and niece (who's new nickname is bossy butt) and sister and baby nephew (6 mos old and he weighs 20 lbs and smiles all the time) came over for lunch yesterday. it was good to have company and to see my littlest family members. bossy butt makes me so happy just to be around. instead of move she says moose, as she's pushing you out of your chair.

8. the hubs. someone gave him a new cologne for christmas, i love smelling him in the morning. he's shaved off his winter beard and he's so smooth and yummy. next weekend he's driving to PA because the boy wants to go to a karate competition. the girl and i will stay home w/ the pets and the mono. when we discussed the possibility of the girl missing her school trip he suggested she and i go to the beach one weekend (and he and the boy would stay w/ the pets and hopefully no mono). he's so sweet. he's getting antsy for spring. antsy to plant stuff, flowers, roses. except he's wanting to put stuff in pots in case we end up losing the house. he's always thinking. even though we've been together for such a long time, he still rocks my world like no body's business.

9. since hotch wrote her post about spelling and breaking up w/ blogs i've been paranoid about my spelling and overall blog worthiness. sheesh.


Gal Friday said...

"see van morrison in concert and poop outside." Okay...that made me laugh! Maybe it'll happen on the same night? ;-)

SO glad the blog template behaved for you(I like tha fern!) and you got the blogroll back.

My blog is full of bad grammar and overuse of parentheses--I am sure some readers were horrified and left me just because of that!

cheatymoon said...

Well if I have people ditching me out of their google reader after this week, I wouldn't be surprised.

I should write about the VM concert I went to.

I hope your girl gets better soon. She must be getting sick of being sick.

Fragrant Liar said...

Yeesh, mono. That sucks.

Glad to hear you've retrieved your blogroll in any case.

Penny said...

Oh Mono sounds just horrible, and that is so sad she is going to miss her trip! How is she taking it?

I can't tell you how sorry I am about the job is just horrible and I keep my fingers crossed for you daily!