Tuesday, March 23, 2010

he really is the best thing since sliced bread

i'm talking about the hubs.

he is the best fucking dad ever. i drove 20+ hours this weekend to make sure the boy could compete in his first karate competition.

knowing that the girl is devastated that she's missing her 7th grade trip this week he told me to book a hotel and take her to the beach for a couple of days, just the two of us. we leave thursday morning and come home saturday.

he is the best fucking hubs ever. he knows the turmoil i'm going through w/ my folks. he listens to me vent. he displays the right amount of anger and frustration and tells me all of the things he would do and say if i let him off his leash w/ them. this amuses and comforts me.

he called me today and told me he could get me something i want. i immediately thought weed, although i quit doing it a little while ago on the off chance that i'll get called in for a job interview and get drug tested, i said, uh, i'm on hiatus from that. he said no, something little and furry. a little puppy. oy vey. i said no. he wants to get me a puppy to cheer me up. we can't have another dog right now. we have two big dogs that require boarding if we all go out of town together. still, it was so sweet of him to think about it.

also? he fucking smells awesome when he leaves for work in the morning. i like hugging up on him and smelling him on me after he leaves.


cheatymoon said...

Very sweet. I hope he reads your blog.

Hotch Potchery said...

Very cool!

drollgirl said...

he is the best thing ever!!! and you deserve it, and i bet you make him as happy as he makes you!

completely off topic, but somehow your name wasn't on my blog roll and i wasn't following you before?!??! wtf?!!? so sorry. that was COMPLETELY unintentional, and please forgive! i have fixed it, and am back on track!

Surely said...

Yes, indeed, he IS! (:-D Lucky Girl!