Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Drop offs, parties and cookies

When I take the kids to school in the mornings (because we are not organized enough or get up early enough for them to ride the bus--plus buses don't have seat belts and I've never understood that) there are a lot of parents dropping off their kids. To keep all of the cars off the main road we have a drop off system--four lines of cars that take turns feeding into the main drop off area where teachers open the car doors for the kids and make sure they aren't running around willy nilly and get hit by a car. So you sit in line, wait your turn to go etc. No biggie. What irritates the crap out of me is the people who go out of turn and do it blatantly. I want to jump out of my car and bitch slap those parents.

We went to a Christmas party last weekend. I swear I think it's the first party we've been too in forever. It was kinda nice to be the guest rather than the host. There were a lot of people we didn't know, but some we did and we had a good time. I did not go wild and embarrass myself : ) You'd think I would have realized this by now, but apparently I can hold my beer better than I can hold wine or liquor. Both at my party and the other party I drank beer, got a nice little happy feeling but did not cross over into the stupified realm in which sometimes I get loud, remove articles of clothing (ok, just once) and that filter in my brain disappears and I say things I shouldn't.

I'm getting excited about Christmas : ) I would be MORE excited if we had some of that cold fluffy white stuff, at least for a few days, but I guess I will be ok without it. I can't wait to see the kids and the Hubby open their gifts from me and of course I can't wait to see what I get.

I had big plans this year of being Betty Crocker and baking up tons of fun cookies to give as gifts (because somehow my gift giving list expanded this year). It was the Food Network that planted the seed. Lounging on the couch one evening, under the influence of something or other, I happened upon a cookie show. They were making cookies I'd never heard of--Reindeer Ravioli. The next day I even printed out recipes. Did I make these cookies and give them as glowing gifts marking my accomplishments as a supreme baker? Hell no! But, there's always next year!!!

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