Friday, March 10, 2006

Sites to see

Hey there. Just sitting here not caring that there’s some sort of basketball tournament or something or another going on that my part of the world seems to be caught up in. I’m procrastinating again and wandering through my computer. From time to time I run across Web sites and had these tucked away in my favorites.

Being the caring, giving person I am (alright, don’t choke or anything I’m not quite sure I could really do the damn Heimlich maneuver) I thought I’d share a few of my faves.

Molecular Expressions—I think this one came from a forwarded email. No, I’m not scientifically minded but this has a pretty cool flash that zooms in on the earth by powers of 10.

Grounds for Sculpture—I totally dig this kind of art and would so love to go here someday.

Book Crossing—I haven’t yet signed up on this site but think it’s such a me kind of thing to do, leave books around for people, find books people have left around. Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone in the county did this?

Reference Desk—I’ve had this page marked for years; it’s full of just about anything you can imagine, newspapers, sites of the day, quotes, trivia, history etc. Great way to waste a few hours.

Breast Cancer Site—A friend recently sent this to me and I forwarded it, but it’s always worth bookmarking and visiting as often as possible. Plus there are links to other charitable sites as well.

This site is just plain funny, stuff on my cat indeed.

The Pie in the Sky vacation!

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