Monday, March 27, 2006

In the end

I made up a test last week about funerals, I know, not a fun thing, but worth thinking about. Rather than answer my own test questions I will lay out my funeral arrangements here. Wow, what a happy Monday topic huh? Shut up and read.

I still am on the fence about cremation or burial. I like the idea of not taking up space if I’m cremated but then there’s the issue of what to do with the ashes and if someone wanted to visit me at the cemetery where would they go? Also, if I’m buried not sure where I’d want to be buried, other than beside the Hubby. There’s a cemetery on the road to our house, and I thought that would be convenient, but you know it’s not like the kids will live in my house forever. So this particular point is up in the air.

Funeral service. Obviously depending on my decision about burial this will either be with a casket or with a nice jar (preferably not a clear jar and preferably not a tacky jar). For the service I want to have two large peony bushes at either side. There will be a pink one for the Girl to keep and plant in her yard and a white one for the Boy to keep and plant in his yard. I would love to have people who feel so moved to get up and tell funny stories about me. As for music, here are a few selections that should be played:

Rod Stewart—(C’mon, did you REALLY think I could have a funeral w/out Rod?) You’re In My Heart, You’re In My Soul. This would be for the Hubby, whether he’s in attendance or waiting for me on the other side. Also Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time.

James Taylor—You’ve Got a Friend. I have always thought that despite the obvious sentiment of friendship (something I hope to be remembered for) this also could be talking about one’s relationship with Jesus/God.

Bette Midler—Baby Mine from the Beaches soundtrack for my kids. There’s a Carly Simon song I also, but I can’t remember the name right now.

John Denver—Country Roads, gotta give some props to my roots : )
Train--Drops of Jupiter because it so describes me.

Let’s do plants instead of cut flowers because then people can take one home with them to remember me and cut flowers are such a waste of money.

I’d like it to be a big ol’ party also. Most importantly don’t make my son be a pallbearer if I’m in a casket. And, if I’m in a casket, it needn’t be an expensive one or silver (looks like a bullet) or anything like that, it’s going in the ground, who cares what it looks like! Make sure I’m wearing something comfy too, and preferably not a bra! Oh, and put a fork in my hand so I’m ready for what comes next.

Bagpipes are nice, add some of those. If I am buried bulbs should be planted on my grave, lots of tulips, daffodils etc.

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