Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'm a junkie

Before you read this post I must acknowledge that I realize what I’m about to say is shallow and unrealistic and for all intents and purposes makes me sound like an uneducated couch potato.

I am addicted to the West Wing. I got the first season on DVD for Christmas; we just bought the second season. As we’re sitting there watching it the other night I realized this is the last season, they’re canceling it, so our DVD West Wing love fest will come to an end.

Not so said The Hubby, the man of my dreams and sharer of my WW fanaticism, we’ll simply start it all over again. And then there was light and all was well in the world.

I can’t explain this obsession, because I think that’s what it is. Sadly I think I’m learning something about government from a TV show. No, I’m not so stupid to think that it’s real or this is how things work in real life, but there are things to be learned. Perhaps for higher educated people and those with a more than rudimentary understanding of government and its processes I am quite the Neanderthal here.

For example, I did not know or care before what a lame duck congress was. I did not realize that after November elections Congress is basically on vacation until January and the President can, at that time, call Congress back to vote on something he thinks will not get passed when a new Congress takes its place in January. I also did not know the President could make a limited appointment to certain offices while the Congress is not in session and does this in the hopes that once Congress comes back to work they’ll keep the appointee instead of going through the review process. Interesting and underhanded.

I know I am an addict because I don’t just watch one episode at a time. We have been known to watch up to six or seven on a Friday or Saturday night. I get excited when I hear the music. I love the dialogue. I love the story lines. I’m a junkie.

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