Monday, August 1, 2005

good things

I keep lists of different things (books to read, CDs to listen to, etc.) and one of my ongoing lists is good things. Here’s the list to date, started about 2 years ago.

Extra bubble gum—two pieces
Laughing at stupid things with friends
Riding a lawn mower
Dirty vodka martinis
Sleeping in late
Finishing a good book
Building a fire on a dreary day
Watching birds at the feeder from the kitchen window
Remembering the significance of each Christmas ornament
Hearing your kids say “Wow, that was fun!”
Planting your own Christmas tree
Paint keys
Sweet tea
Kids after a bath
Burt’s Bees Beeswax lip balm
Pellet ice
White sneakers on tanned, sockless feet
Fresh pineapple
Sharpened pencils
New crayons
Adhesive stamps
Houses covered in ivy
Silver bracelets
Warm muffins
La petit morte
The smell of mown grass
Room service
Ben’s jokes (my son)
Singing along to songs in the car
Chilly winds
The freckle on Heidi’s ear (my daughter)
Katherine Hepburn
Homemade mac & cheese
Mike’s laugh (my husband)
Bath & Body Works lotions
Recordable CDs
Comfy slippers
Roasting marshmallows
Train—Lincoln Avenue, Drops of Jupiter
Mike’s chocolate sourdough cookies
Planting flowers
Bulb catalogs
Finding just the right strand of hair to twirl around my finger
Sunflower seeds
The smell of rain
Crossing things off a list

Book and CD recommendations are always welcome.


Thompson Lange said...

"The Dogs of Babel" is quirky and weird, but good in a "Lovely Bones" kinda way. And I loved "The Time Traveler's Wife."

And that list makes me feel like I'm too cynical...I only have a list of things that tick me off.

Anonymous said...

I, Thompson's sister, BTW, love the list... I have always wanted to do a list called TITAGS..Things I Think Are this lotion I found that actually CURES cracky and gross heels! Glory!

creative kerfuffle said...

Thanks for the book suggestions--will check them out and critique. I will also start working on a list of things that piss me off.
And to Thompson's sister--welcome! and start your list! It's a wonderful thing!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could run over Bubba Ass with the riding lawn mower.

Anonymous said...

Hey Thompson's sister. Are we just going to call you TS? Please advise the name of the gross heels lotion - ASAP!