Wednesday, September 17, 2008

which are you?

i am going to make a general assumption that typically after a couple has sex, the guy rolls over and falls dead asleep and the girl would like to cuddle and/or chat. i base this assumption on nothing more than novels/movies/media, not from personal experience.

having said that--i should be a guy. cuddling/chatting are part of foreplay for me, not after. i would rather roll over and sleep. what about you?


Anonymous said...

Sleep, fo-shizzle.

Sweet T

Astarte said...

Ugh. Afterwards, I just want to get to get to the bathroom to clean up already. It's no fun cuddling in a swamp. Yuck. Then, I don't really want to cuddle. Talk, OK, but not cuddle.

creative kerfuffle said...

tru dat sweet t.
astarte--cuddling in a swamp; omg funny!

broad minded said...

let's see, i don't mind cuddling or talking or tidying, i just don't want to do anything else. once i am happy, then the moment is over.