Monday, September 1, 2008

happy labor day

oh friends, i'm tired but feel i have neglected you long enough. it wasn't by choice mind you. we had no internet connection this weekend at the beach.

here's a brief run down, i'll try to post some pics and be all blogalicious and exciting next time. just. too. tired. tonight.

we had 1/2 a work day friday and i actually got out of there at noon (which has been rare since i took this job 2 years ago). i got my oil changed (and saw the news clip that mccain had picked the gov. from alaska as his vp. i'm intrigued, but still not moved by either candidate.) and then got my hair done. just a trim and my roots hidden again : ) the thing i love about getting my hair done is getting it washed. i now totally understand why little old ladies get their hair done once a week--it's for the head washing i'm guessing. i'm totally going to do that when i'm old.

we left for the beach after the hubs got home from work and got there about 10pm. the was one we won't go back too. the hubs has a lot of hotel points from his work trips but had never stayed at this particular one. it was...sad. anytime a hotel has "econo" in the name, stay away. i'm not a snob, really i'm not. i'm spoiled i know by the hotels we stay in for work. but this was a sad hotel. but, you don't go to the beach to hang out in the hotel right? right. there were no roaches or anything nasty.

friday night we walked on the beach and the kids played a bit in the waves. our weekend had begun.

saturday morning we got up bright and early (have not slept late since last weekend and will not get to again until the weekend of the 14th), had breakfast and hit the beach. it was so gorgeous. a bit warm but nice and the kids were having a blast. i got stung by a jellyfish! yes, twice! the four of us were playing around in the water and something brushed up against me, i screamed and freaked (it got my thigh) and then it got my foot. the hubs thought i was kidding until i got out of the water and had marks on me. i also got a bit of a fat lip when i was holding the boy as a wave crashed into us and he knocked me on the mouth w/ his head. still we were having fun. (a few other people got stung too and the life guard finally put up an aquatic animal hazard sign w/ some cartoon looking jellyfish on it). despite the application of sun screen, everyone but the boy got a little burnt saturday.

saturday night we went to a german restaurant. this is the same restaurant the hubs and i found when we went to the beach on our honeymoon. it was the first time the hubs had actually been on an atlantic beach and the whole time was awesome. the beach is our special place really. anyway, now every time we go to the beach we go to this german restaurant. the kids didn't love it, but the hubs and i did.

saturday i also managed to get us roped into one of those time share meetings. i'm such a sucker for stuff like that. so, the better part of sunday morning we spent talking w/ a salesman about timeshares (though it's not CALLED a time share these days) and touring one of their sites. oy vey it was nice. the kids picked out their bedrooms in each place we visited. they hooked me when they said you can will it to your kids and they can vacation for life for free. though it seemed like a good deal (i get so caught up in the heat of the moment at those things) we didn't do it. they hard selled us, made like two counter offers and i totally would have signed up w/ their last offer that included a free disney vacay package. thankfully the hubs' cooler head prevailed : ) we didn't buy into anything.

sunday afternoon we avoided the heat of the sunny beach and went to ripley's believe it or not. the girl and the hubs have always been fascinated by this type of thing. it was fun and interesting and i think the kids had a blast.

we swam a little in the pool before dinner and then it was off to all you can eat crab legs. yum! we beached it and swam in the pool after dinner and got up early this morning to see the sunrise on the beach before we headed home.

last night on the beach the tide was really strong. we only let the kids get in (w/ the hubs at their side) up to their knees and the waves were knocking them silly. they loved it. when they sat down some of the waves pushed them up the beach about 10 feet. the power of the ocean never ceases to amaze me. it was so exhilarating to be on the beach at night and witness the power of nature but it also scares me a bit. this morning when they were playing in the surf i noticed something about my kids.

the boy would stand against the waves, daring them to move him or knock him down; proud when he was able to stand against one. he'd punch at the waves and jump over them as if they were his adversary.

the girl would sit in the surf, letting the waves toss her too and fro, sometimes overwhelming her, taking her under, filling her nose and mouth with salt water until she coughed. she'd get pushed further and further down the beach until we called her back.

they are so much like that in life as well and the boy is just like the hubs and the girl is just like me. interesting how nature can stop time for just a moment and give you such an epiphany.

we made it home around 4 today; tired, a little burnt, but filled w/ fun times and good memories. i hope these are some of the good times my kids look back on when they're grown.


Kristin.... said...

Well except for the jellyfish stings, your trip sounds lovely. I would love a timeshare too. Thankfully my in-laws have one we can use.
Glad you're back!

creative kerfuffle said...

so many people i know have family beach/lake or mountain houses and i'm so very, very jealous : )