Friday, September 5, 2008

jean-etic material

i have three pair of jeans.

my favorite pair of jeans really shouldn't be worn out of the house, but sometimes i do on the weekends. they look almost white they're so faded. they have a brownish (i think it used to be red) paint stain on a back pocket. they have numerous holes. they are sooooo comfortable. i feel younger when i wear them, like a rebel or something.

my every day pair is comfortable. i don't LOVE them. they fit well. i can wear them to work on occassion. they have some give to them for those days when it seems nothing you put on has any give if you know what i mean. the hubs says my ass looks good in them.

then there is the pair i am wearing today because the every day pair is in the laundry. they are fucking too tight. i'm quite certain i will pass out by the end of the day if i sit too long. though i didn't have to lie down on the bed to get them zipped, they are snug. i not only have a muffin top going on i think i've got the whole damn bakery going on. too bad it's not like an actual cake where you could just lop off the excess, cos if that was the case, that would be cool. if i pushed this muffin top up into my bra (which i'm sure would hurt like hell) i'd go from a d/dd (depending on the make of the bra) to an e easily.

and you know the fucked up thing? they're all the same damn size pants!

**************non sequitor alert
so--we got the girl's viola last night. we're renting it. she's stoked.

the boy is jonesing badly for a guitar. i think we're going to get him one. a guitar and guitar lessons.

i'm really trying to be supportive and positive about this and not think like a parent that thinks, oh great, one more phase they'll go through of wanting to do something for 5 months and then on to the next thing after i've spent a butt load of money. i'm trying not to think that way. i'm trying to think how fucking cool it is that my kids want to learn to play an instrument and how this could be the beginning of a life long creative passion for them and how i love that a lot. plus, they could be famous musicians some day : ) he he

for the last two days i have not heard the alarm at 5:30 am. i think it may be broken. seriously. ok, maybe not. i did hear it yesterday but kept pushing snooze. this morning, i looked at the clock at 5 am (which is really 4:40 cos i fake my self out by setting it 20 mins fast) and thought, cool, i can sleep another 30 minutes (which is totally the best kind of sleep for me because i feel like i'm stealing it, ya, i know weird). the next thing i know i'm looking at the clock and it's 6:34 (around the same time i got up yesterday). so, this isn't a HUGE ordeal. the girl misses the bus but we still have time for her to get ready and for me to drive her to school. i do not mind this actually. i have a quirky fear of them riding the bus anyway. no seat belts, i don't know the drivers, there are distractions, lots of kids, etc.


Anonymous said...

There's nothing better than a comfy pair of jeans! If I could wear jeans and a t-shirt every day, I would.

Sweet T

Susiewearsthepants said...

I love wearing jeans too. I have to dress up a little for work. I live for the weekends when I can wear whatever I want. I have a really holey old pair myself. I call them my "work" jeans, but I never seem to wear them when I am "working".

Astarte said...

Old jeans are so soft and cozy. My favorite thing to wear is a pair of ancient capris and an old, massively oversized Old Navy sweatshirt. My old neighbor, two houses ago, had almost the exact same outfit, which was also her favorite, and we used to call it our uniform 'cause that's what we wore all the time.

Oh, what I wouldn't give to be able to lop off the muffin top!! Wouldn't that be great?! Just like the muffins that caused it in the first place!!!