Thursday, September 4, 2008


men sitting on the fence about the election just got a BIG way.

palin is a milf.

this post will send broad over the top.

the hubs just commented:
you know how clinton used to appear on talk shows etc. playing his sax? i think palin should appear in playboy.

he also thinks palin and cindy mccain should have some girl on girl action.

and, lest you think it is just the hubs who is this bad--my brother is too. i was talking to him on the phone tonight and he said he just decided to vote for mccain because palin is hot.


Astarte said...

I think she's a little too bitchy to be a MILF. She's hot in the way Tina Fey is, but without the good-naturedness about her.

I think Cindy McCain and Laura Bush both look like Stepford Wives. I mean, both of them practically have their eyes in the back of their heads from one too many lifts! At least Cindy's are even, though - poor Laura's aren't. They would both look better if they looked more their age, I think.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't bring these things up, but since we're talking hotness... well... there you go.

creative kerfuffle said...

i've heard a few people refer to her as a hot tina fey. too funny.
i also would not bring up looks but i had to share what the hubs/bro were thinking.
i know i should be more involved w/ this and care more but frankly i'm too cynical to think any of them will make that much of a difference.
i'm still at the point where i just might flip a coin in the voting booth.

broad minded said...

dear god, i think i am having chest pains. have i taught you nothing from my blog????? i can start sending you personal emails if that would help.

the woman is against abortion in all instances - even rape or incest!!!! she may be attractive but didn't a lot of people say jeffrey dahmer was too???

i need to go lie down and breathe.

Anonymous said...

Palin's got nothing on Tina Fey.

I am trying hard to resist giving you my two cents' worth on the election. Well, anymore than I already have. :)

Sweet T