Tuesday, September 16, 2008

dueling laptops

we're sitting at the kitchen table. he with his blue laptop, me with my hot red one and the boy is beside us finishing his homework.

lord he has a lot of homework this year. seriously, for third grade he has a lot of homework. the girl typically gets her's done at daycare and has little left to do in the evenings. the boy is struggling this year. the hubs already got a call last week when i was out of town. the boy doesn't know when not to talk in class. he gets in trouble for it a lot. it was the same last year. however, last year i sort of chalked it up to the fact he had that whacked out teacher, seriously, she had a mental breakdown and was out the last quarter of the year.

i thought this year, especially since he's in AG and more challenged, that he'd settle down. nope, not so much. he's good in AG but in regular class, that's where he's getting in trouble.

both of my kids are incredibly smart (and i'm not bragging or making it up, they just are) but they are so very different. we have never, since day one, had any bit of trouble with the girl and school work/behavior. we've had the typical emotional/girl/friends/boys issues, but the teachers love her and she does well in everything. no behavior issues at all.

the boy? uh, first day of kindergarten he was in the principal's office. and the thing is, he doesn't get in trouble for being bad, being mean, being a bully or whatever. he just talks out of turn. all.the.time. his goal in life is to be the class clown.

back to the dueling laptops---i'm sitting here blogging and (quizzing the girl on her spelling--do you know what fakir is? a holy man---and, she's still chatty hyper cathy. omg it's killing me. ok, pause, i just had to help the boy w/ math homework. i'll wait while you quit laughing (cos some of you know i'm sooooo not the math wizard. even 3rd grade math. subtraction, with big numbers and borrowing? yeah, i explained the hell out of that : )) and the hubs is balancing the check book.

i have to confess--he took over doing the bills this year and omg it's awesome. really. it took a bit to get used to it cos now i was the one saying, oh btw, is there any money in checking cos i need this or that. but i got over that. plus, seriously, the math thing? and numbers and all? i didn't do so well with the bills. combine my mad math skilz with my habitual procrastination and you can just imagine how much i hated paying bills. but the hubs totally rocks at it and has actually made and saved us money this year.

i think my brother misses me : ) not only did he call me before i got to work and emailed me he also called me at the end of the day. awwwwwwwww, isn't that sweet?? no seriously, i think i'm his favorite sister. bwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaahhhhaaaa, like he had another freakin' choice right? he he. i am soo very much hoping either this weekend or the following weekend we can see them. it's not like we talk every single day, but my SIL reads the blog and she and i typically talk at least once a week on the phone. usually at least once or twice a month either they're over here or we're at their house but lately, man we haven't seen each other. i miss them. and of course the girl asks just about every day when are we going to see puddin'.

13 minutes until the kids go to bed. sweet relief. i'd totally forgotten how crazy week nights are when school is going on. dinner and home work and baths and all the talking etc.? whew, i'm ready for 9pm. i guess that is the ONE good thing about summer, we come home from work and don't have to worry about anything except dinner (yeah, they bathe in the summer, but you know, it's not like rush to get everything done like when school's going on).

oh, and a special shout out to by dear friend big t. remember i told you she had a bad car accident this summer? today she had outpatient surgery on her elbow. ugh. they removed bone fragments, ew. however, her doc said after this and some therapy she should have her full range of motion back, which was seriously in question. so that's a good thing.


Kristin.... said...

I'm in the computer room. Doug is in the kitchen, working at his laptop. My laptop is a piece of shit.

From 4pm on my life is INSANE. With the homework, and the fighting, and the dinner making...........i just wrote about adjusting my attitude....

Sue said...

I have the same thing with my kids. It must be a first born thing, because my oldest is a boy and he's the one who never gets in trouble. My second, the girl, is the class clown. Oy... the things that girl does.