Friday, September 19, 2008

ahoy ye land lubbers

happy talk like a pirate day. Aside from just being a kick ass reason to talk like a pirate it's a good reason to post a picture of johnny depp (who, btw, will be playing mr. freeze in an upcoming batman movie--least that's the rumor. so, ok, that might be the only one of the new crop of batman movies i really want to see). and if this picture isn't enough? go to google images and google johnny. omg--seriously friends, that man should be illegal.

i feel like a scurvy dog today. i think as i'm getting older my periods are kicking my ass more. i know many, many women have suffered from the first day they started the dreaded curse; i am fortunate in that, for the most part, it was not kick ass bad. emotional? yes. uncomfortable? yes. i have not been without side effects, but the last year or so it's like my body is saying, ha ha muther fucker, you haven't suffered enough with this so lets throw in some extra cramping, increase the flow (have a spare mattress around?) and generally make the first two days as fuctastically crappy as possible. our work here is done.

however, last night we did go to tarjay. tarjay did happen to have m&ms on sale, 2-$4. i bought 2 bags of peanut butter m&ms. later i laid on the couch randomly flipping through the channels and watching nothing (while the hubs was busy checking out the economy on his laptap) and i ate 90% of the bag and then promptly fell into a sugar/period coma.


Kristin.... said...

I love Captain Jack. WE have a stuffed Captain Jack and the twins walk around saying "Jaaaaack" It's cute.

I got nothing else. Candy~sounds so good right now....

Astarte said...

God, it should be ILLEGAL to be that Hot. He is yum-my.

While at the dreaded Walmart today, I consumed an entire container of the new Starbucks mocha truffles. To be honest, they weren't as good as I hoped they would be.

creative kerfuffle said...

i actually know a female who does not find him attractive! can you believe that shit? i mean, c'mon.

we also went to the evil empire today. gawd i hate that place. i did not know there was such a thing as starbucks mocha truffles--sounds heavenly.