Saturday, September 20, 2008

do something nice for boobs

one of kristin's friends is doing something awesome on her blog. for each comment she gets on this particular post she is donating $9 to breast cancer research. she started out at $3 per post (one for her mom who's a survivor, one for herself cos she just had a scare and one for her little girl in the hopes that by the time she's an adult there will be a cure). her mom and husband also chipped in $3 per post. when i just posted she had 201 comments. go. comment. i don't know her either but i commented. it's a good thing.

though, thank god, none of the women in my family have had breast cancer (and i feel myself up and get check ups and started getting mammograms) three good friends of mine have had it.

my first boss at my first real job became a very good friend/mentor/surrogate mother in a way. i've written about julia before. she was an incredible woman in so many ways. she was the most truly spiritual person i've ever met. anyway, it was around the summer after i had the girl that julia discovered she had a lump. i don't actually know when she found it because whenever it was she didn't know anything for awhile. by the time she started treatment it was spreading. i don't know how long treatments normally last, but it seems like she was always in treatment and it went on for months. she came to the girl's first birthday party. she knew then she was dying (she was in her 50s). she had one son, her pride and joy, and her husband, who she'd been married to for about 30 years. she died that april; the cancer had spread to her brain. she had everything, i mean everything planned out. she didn't want to burdern her husband and son with anything. she wrote her own obit, she planned her funeral down to the last detail and she just took care of everything. sort of how she was in life.

two other very good friends, who are a couple, also had breast cancer. they both went through rigorous treatment; mastectomies, etc. one had breast reconstruction surgery the other didn't. though both have been in remission for a few years now, one's immune system was severly compromised and has suffered a variety of issues since. however, they are both cancer free now and are two wonderful women (i just wish they lived closer and i saw them more than once a year).

so, go comment on cass's blog; feel yourself up and if you find something (do not wait) or feel up the women (within reason guys) in your life. help a boob.

oh yeah, there's also a new poll up for those of you who aren't too chicken shit : )

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