Tuesday, September 30, 2008

a horse w/ no name

1. i don't know what that song means, i've been through the desert on a horse w/ no name.

2. i am an impatient person.

3. sometimes don't you just want to come home, rip your SO's clothes off and get busy? and you can't because there's dinner to be made and homework and blah blah blah blah blah---get the kids in bed already and let's get to it!

4. i'm beginning to think the girl has been replaced w/ a clone. she not only kissed me again at the bus stop this morning she is now folding laundry. on her own! i did not ask her to do it. i think, for some unfathomable reason, she likes doing laundry. could i really BE this lucky? i am trying not to freak because she isn't folding everything the way i fold it.

5. the leak was fixed yesterday. thank god it wasn't a mainline water leak where they would have had to jack hammer up our foundation. it was in our shower. it was because the plumber that "fixed" it this summer fucked it up and didn't sodder/sauder (spell check doesn't like either word) it right. stupid fucker.

6. in six years my daughter will be graduating high school and off to college. holy fuck. we opened a cd yesterday.

7. the hubs aka CFO has been doing a lot of money stuff lately. he's always been the one who thinks about our future. life insurance, 401k etc. his goal is for us to be taken care of if he kicks the bucket first. w/ all the stuff he's been dabbling in lately i think he thinks he's going to kick sooner rather than later.

8. if the hubs' fucking phone rings one more time after 6pm or on the weekend i think i'm going to seriously lose my freaking mind. even the kids cringe now when it rings. i know it's not his fault and i know he realistically can't turn it off, but just knowing the lucky sperm boy and his father who run the company do not answer their phones after hours while the hubs is busting his ass really pisses me the hell off.

9. one of my younger friends always has a halloween party and always invites us. i am thankful i have several excuses for not being able to go. 1--the boy's birthday is very close to halloween and there is usually a birthday party around the same day as her party. 2--our kids are still of trick or treating age and this also happens around the time of her party. i would feel like a total old person at her party. we would be the oldest couple there by like 10 years. plus--i've seen pics of her party--the costumes are ones i'd wear if i were 20 and a size 6.

10. i wish tonight would have been one of the nights when we came home and rushed to the bedroom before getting started w/ everything else.

11. the kids' halloween costumes are set. the girl is going to be cleopatra and the boy is going to be wolverine. it was a specific wolverine costume though--one we had to find on ebay. the boy is quite particular.

12. it is almost 9pm--which means almost kids' bedtime--except the boy has JUST finished his homework and is JUST now getting in the shower. the hubs has to get up at 4am. methinks my plans for carnal lust will go unsated.

13. are you dressing up for halloween (my favorite holiday in the world)? if so, what are you going to be? what are some cool things you've dressed up as before? hmmm, maybe i should have a contest. maybe it could be something like send me a pic of yourself in costume and the coolest one wins a thing of my choice.

14. the hubs is a qvc/hsn ho. dude would seriously buy a lot of shit from there that we'd never, ever use. like the silver beverage fountain that was just on. do you know people who actually WATCH those channels. like, for more than a click through on the channel surfing gig--like, for hours. i admit i like watching when they do christmas stuff or gardening, but dude can watch anything on there. (HIS FUCKING PHONE JUST RANG--it is 9:03pm!!!)

15. ok, now i have seen everything (can you tell i'm randomly blogging as i wait for the appropriate nookie time?) hsn is hawking a backpack vacuum cleaner. really?

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Kristin.... said...

PLEASE send the girl here to teach my girl how to be HELPFUL. Throwing tantrums when asked for help is NOT HELPFUL. sigh.

Oh, so sad thing is I saw the backpack vacuum cleaner when hubs hit the button for the wrong channel tonight. LOL.

I don't dress up for Halloween. My costume is "mom of 4 kids". I find it fits well. The kids are going to be a fairy (M), spiderman (d) and tigger (I) and Pooh (A). I will of course post pictures.