Monday, September 22, 2008

dentists, skepticism and house

both kids had dental appointments today. months ago when i rescheduled the boy's appointment i thought i was being having both of their appointments on the same day. they go to the same dentist. however, the boy was actually having work done and the girl's appt. was just a cleaning. the dentist is too far away for me to take her to school take him to the dentist, leave, get her from school and take her to the dentist. so, both kids missed school today for dental appointments that ended up both being finished by 11am. lol

the boy was ready to go to school to finish out the day despite the fact that the side of his face was still numb and he hurled on the dentist at the end of his appointment. i said it was too late in the day and neither went to school. bad mommy. we came home, had lunch, had an appraiser out to look at the house (the hubs aka CFO is doing some creative financing) and then he went back to work and i took a nap : )

we used redbox for the first time today. do you have these? the dvd vending machines found at the grocery store? really? can it really be as cheap and easy as spending $1.07 to rent a dvd for the night and then putting it back in the vending machine? what a kick ass invention.

i am a total skeptic. i was checking my CK email today and there was an email from an assistant to an agency who works on stories for ABC's good morning america show. the person was doing research on grandparents playing favorites among the grandkids and she ran across a comment i posted on the muddled sage back in april. really? i'm not sure if i believe the email is real or a scam, but it was very detailed. but, we all know there is no way in hell i'd ever go on national tv for anything let alone to air my dirty family laundry. what would you do?

and, while i wait impatiently for the 4th season of LOST to come out on dvd so we can catch up, we have started watching house. the girl gets on tv kicks. first it was csi (and she can.not.wait for the new season to start--frankly, neither can i) and she moved to law & order. now it's house. frankly, i love all those shows too but house is a little more tame for her so i'm ok w/ that.

i had to sign a note for her for school saying that she can read any of the books in the school library she wants to. really? what the hell do they have in the library? anne rice writing as anne rampling? (her cinemax-like porn novels) the girl said they have some stephen king books in the library and she thinks that's why. really? i asked today how pride and prejudice is coming, she said it's boring. i thought it might be too much for her. unlike me at that age (who was devouring all the silhouette teen romances i could get my hands on, plus reading endless love and any other love story out there) the girl isn't into that type of thing. she has read the whole harry potter series no less than 10 times i'm sure. she likes fantasy type things. i'm trying to get through crime and punishment but it's not stephen king. of course it also is not the wizard's daughter, some piece of trash i was trying to read on my last plane trip. i love bodice rippers as much as the next person but they still have to be well written. and no matter how bad a book is i really do have to finish it--i just can't start a book and not finish it. however, i doubt i'll finish the wizard's daughter. oy vey it was blech.


Kristin.... said...

Really? Permission to read the books in the library. Huh.

I love to read. I don't read enough. And I stick to mostly mysteries. Every once in a while I'll find a "love" story that works for me.

Astarte said...

I got that email too, and there's NO WAY I'm talking to a TV crew about that!!! Especially GMA, which would definitely get back to them! Um, no. They're good people, they just play favorites unintentionally, and it would hurt them hugely if they ever found out that people had noticed. Nope.

I am curious, though.

creative kerfuffle said...

kristin--i love to read too and don't read nearly as much as i used to. i was also surprised that i had to sign a note about what she could read. bizarre.
astarte--i emailed the person back and said if that was legit i was surprised but also that even if it was i wasn't interested. i haven't heard back.