Tuesday, September 16, 2008

total inequality

i can't keep quiet any longer. this issue, this inequality issue, has been plaguing me. all. afternoon.

do you realize there are hardly any female animal cartoons? i'll give you a few minutes to let that sink in. (tapping fingers, twirling hair). unkay. have you thought of any?


i KNOW! can you believe it? the animal cartoon character world is dominated by males. the few paltry ones i (with the help of some worried friends and co-workers) came up with are ariel (the cat on the smurfs--which led to the discussion of whether smurfs are animals? i don't think so), the cat that always tries to run away from pepe le pew and petunia pig (porky's gal).

for the record i did not include disney (minnie, etc.) or any disney movie characters.

wtf us up with this inequality?

and just in case you are wondering wtf i'm smoking today...nothing. i'm at work hello! sweet t and i got into an email discussion about cartoons. i KNOW--high brow stuff that is. it started w/ family guy and how we love brian and stewie. then she said wouldn't it be cool if there was a show w/ all the cartoon characters--garfield, brian, cow and chicken, ren & stimpy, etc. and i got to looking at the list and...no girls.

i think there is an unfulfilled cartoon niche out there. damn i wish i could draw.


Astarte said...

If I were a cartoon character, I would date Brian the Dog.

Kristin.... said...

Brian the Dog is Hot. In a weird, he's a dog, kind of way. :)

creative kerfuffle said...

lol--that's what sweet t and i said. but, if he were a guy in that same role it would be creepy. random dude, hanging out w/ your baby, drinking, driving, lusting after lois? THAT would be weird.

broad minded said...

this is how full blown feminism starts . . . i will get you over to my dark side yet.