Friday, September 5, 2008

vegas bound

ok my lovies---i'm headed out to vegas at the ungodly hour of 6:30 a.m. tomorrow (unless hanna has her way with the east coast)for a trade show.

i will have a computer with me and will attempt to blog, but it's going to be a busy week and it could be hit or miss.

the good thing about this trip is that it's my last one for 2008. YEAH!

before broad has a conniption fit i should clarify that the views expressed about palin in an earlier post were those of the hubs (which she should not be surprised by).

i don't speak my political views mainly because i don't know enough to speak intelligently about politics and because i don't want people to try to make me see their point of view on it. i will gladly talk about how i feel on certain issues, but not about who i'd vote for. frankly, i'm not thrilled with any of my choices, as i've said.

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Susiewearsthepants said...

I agree with you about the politics issue. I also don't know a whole lot about it other than what I see on TV. I won't discuss who I favor either. People get SO upset about politics. My sister had a bumper sticker that read, "No More Clinton Liars". She was accosted by some strange woman she didn't even know. I am keeping my mouth shut. Have fun on your trip!