Monday, September 15, 2008


as in mundane.
first day back in the office after the week from hell. frankly friends, after weeding through what must have been 500 kabillion emails (and deleting 90% of them) i have done little else than catch up on reading blogs and start gathering ideas for christmas presents. yes, i've been a slack ass.

i don't have anything wonderful to expound upon.

i might lose weight soon. apparently they are remodeling the bathrooms on our floor at work. they will be under construction until november. really? how the fuck long does it take to remodel a bathroom w/ four stalls? when the hubs did ours a year or so ago it might have taken him a couple of weeks. that was just mainly working on the weekends. granted, it was one toilet, one sink, but surely there isn't just one guy working on these bathrooms. it's amazing how often you really have to pee and that you stop and think about it because you have to visit another floor to do so. so, i'll either lose a few pounds or get a bladder infection cos i'm too lazy to go to the bathroom.

the hubs and i changed the den around yesterday. the process was frustrating but i like the results. the kids were pretty useless. not only did they not really help much at all but the girl came to me a few times wondering when we were going to make cookies (really, cos i'm just sitting her twiddling my thumbs) and then a few other times asking when i was going to dye her hair blue. (it's a blue wash-out rinse and we just did her tips).

and just a hint--if you're rearranging a room and you have some RTA furniture (you know, the kind you have to freaking build yourself?) well, it doesn't move well. we have two cabinets on either side of the big screen tv. the hubs thought he'd just move them (with all the dvds, cds, electronics inside) w/ his dolly. smart idea, that is if it were really furniture. RTA doesn't move so well. so, he finagled it somehow and for now it is standing, but you can only open the door so far and don't be surprised if it comes tumbling down like the little pigs house : ) otherwise, the room looks good. and....there's room in there now for my grandma's piano if we actually get it.

it's supposed to be in the 60s here tomorrow and i cannot wait. i love fall, bring it on. i'm ready for long sleeves and cozy nights and fires in the fireplace and crunching leaves and snuggly socks and cocoa and roasting marshmallows in the back yard.

ok, i just came up with this half assed theory---tell me what you think.

i think that people who do not have the highest self confidence (bad body image) tend to like fall/winter/spring more so than summer because summer means skimpier clothes and bikinis (for some people) etc. in the cooler months you can hide under comfy clothes. i just came up with that on the fly so it could totally be off base.


broad minded said...

dead on with your theory. of course one time being called thunder thighs by your cousin will swear you off shorts regardless.

Astarte said...

I agree with your theory 100%. I'm heavy, and I also prefer cooler weather because it just feels better on my pudge.

I rearranged our office today (like I haven't gotten myself into enough trouble already), and the desk is made out of that crap. Moving it was a be-och.

Anonymous said...

any season with jeans is good for me. Why is it so hard to find a plain pair of shorts. Not too long or short! Why another piano?

creative kerfuffle said...

broad--uh, yeah, try having your dad say similar things most of your life : )
astarte--"it feels better on my pudge" i love that : )
SIL---1st I MISS you and YOUR family!! jeans--if i find the right pair i wear the hell out of them. i wish i could wear my holy jeans to work every day.

Kristin.... said...

your theory is 100% right. I hate shorts. Loathe sleeveless shirts. sigh.

I have a piano too. My grandparents. I can play. I just don't. YOu can easily teach yourself. Let me know if you want the name of the books we have.

creative kerfuffle said...

i don't do sleeveless, hell, i wish bathing suits had sleeves. let me know the piano books. i know i have some from 3rd grade--they're red and white, and the numbers are scratched out cos i tried playing by number instead of learning the damn notes : )