Saturday, September 20, 2008

books and movies and cool products

the girl checked two books out at the school library friday. she's in the accelerated reading program and so there are requirements on which books she can read (to get tested on) for a grade for this program. she can't read anything below a 7th grade level. when school first started she checked out romeo & juliet. i was proud (though hell, i didn't read that for fun. we read it in english class). she read it twice (she says) and failed the test. i don't blame her. understanding shakespeare, on your own in 6th grade, is quite the challenge.

the two books she brough home friday? pride and prejudice (i heart jane austen) and crime and punishment. i have to be honest, i never read crime and punishment. though i am trying to now. i don't know that the girl will make it through this book. dostoyevsky must be an acquired taste. i'm trying. i did read and liked anna karenina (oops, that's tolstoy) it's just kinda...dry.

movies--we recently saw juno. i loved that movie. seriously. it was good. plus, allison janney (cj craig from west wing) played juno's step-mom and she kicked ass. i loved the dialog. loved justin batemen, though his character was not nice, i liked the character. it was just good.

products--i am not that brand loyal really, but there are some products i use religiously and have for years. i have curly hair. i tried tons of mousse/gel/etc. before i fell in love with aussie leave in conditioner mousse. it mostly keeps my hair from frizzing out, conditions it, doesn't leave it crunchy like other mousse and it smells good.

i've recently succombed to almay makeup. i don't wear a lot of makeup, just eyeliner, mascara and sometimes eye shadow and blush. i don't do foundation. i like almay cos they color code the makeup so you know what's right for your eye color.


Kristin.... said...

Holy shit. That's some serious reading in middle school. I've never read Crime and Punishment. But I love Shakespeare.

I only wear lipstick. Yep, that's it. Nothing else. I can't even remember when I wore anything else. Wow.

broad minded said...

i have read crime and punishment but it has been low these many years and frankly i don't remember liking it that much. that being said, i was quite infamous for reading books beyond my comprehension. i believe i tackled madame bovary and wuthering heights in seventh and eigth grade respectively. perhaps novels about that level of passion where a bit beyond my 12 and 13 year old mind??

jane eyre goes down a bit easier at that age i found. and while i made it through anna karenina, it took me a ridiculous amount of time and frankly couldn't get the characters straight b/c they each had like five names.

what are the louisa may alcott books considered? i loved those at that age and she wrote like 7 or 8 novels in all.

creative kerfuffle said...

kristin--i try to think i like lipstick but i can never find a color i think looks good on me. i'm all about lip balm or gloss though and just bought some pumpkin spice gloss at tarjay : )
broad--i too read whuthering heights and remember loving it and madame bovary (which i read as an adult and found it boring). i tried to get the girl into little women (i didn't know there were others) or even the little house series (which i loved) but she's not into the same books i am. she's way into harry potter so any other books in that genre would rock w/ her.
and fyi--they read a wrinkle in time in 5th grade (i've never read it). she's a smart kid.

Astarte said...

I love Juno a LOT. Allison Janey is one of my favorite actresses, so I was glad to see her in this.

I was surprised (and pleased) that Juno didn't sleep with Jason Bateman. I probably would have at her age. He's still really, really cute, isn't he?