Sunday, September 28, 2008

weekend recap

yesterday the hubs and my bro helped move my grandma into my aunt and uncle's house. they converted their garage into an apartment for her. i was skeptical, but we went to see it today and it really is quite lovely. she has a living room, bedroom and 1/2 bath, hardwood floors and everything. she's 76 and while some people aren't old at that age, maw-maw is. she's mostly ok health wise, but she has a bit of undiagnosed dementia.

yesterday we also, finally, go to hang out with my bro and SIL, gameboy and puddin. i cannot believe how much puddin has grown. she'll be six months next month and it's been more than a month since i'd seen her. she's making all the cute baby noises, is sturdier, though she was holding her head up before she even came home from the hospital. she's eating baby food and everything : )

the hubs and i took naps, both days : ) i love naps. naps rule. the girl is watching father of the bride two right now--the one where the mom is pregnant at the same time the daughter is pregnant. after being w/ puddin yesterday and seeing this--ah, it does make me want another sweet baby of my own. but the naps...couldn't really take naps with a baby. and i do so love sleeping through the night.

so, my mom sent me a job posting the other day. it's sort of in my field, writing, for the school system. at first i was like, hells yeah that would be cool. and then i started thinking about the things i like about my job, despite the fact that i hate my job. the pros? no travel first of all. that's probably the biggest pro. escaping the uncertainty of my job also would be a plus. possibly more money would be an awesome plus. i think the insurance is comparable. cons--as much as i don't like certain things about my job, it is incredibly flexible. for example, late friday afternoon i found out the plumbers are coming tomorrow to (hopefully) fix the leak in our house. i checked out a laptop and can work from home, no biggie. come in at 9? 9:30? no biggie. need to take a half day just because, also, no biggie. kids need to come in to work w/ me for the day? no biggie. i don't have someone breathing down my neck (boss wise) day to day--though when they do start paying attention they are brutal and crazy and tie me up in stressful knots. oh, another con--i'd be working in the same building (i think) as my mom.

anyway, i'm going to send in my resume, doesn't hurt to see what it's all about right?


Kristin.... said...

I love naps. I rarely get to take one. Darn kids. :)

Good for you, sending in the resume. It can't hurt to try. :)

Trish said...

I'm thinking that being a government worker is probably a desirable position. Go for it!