Wednesday, September 3, 2008

musically inclined (and other odd notes)

the girl signed up for orchestra this year. i may have mentioned this. she took chorus and recorder chorus in elementary but wants to expand her horizons now that she's grown up and in middle school. last night we started the hunt for a viola. why the viola you may ask? hmmm. well, we told her no way on the cello or bass (or baaasss as she is wont to say). she picked the viola over the violin because there are fewer people playing that so more chance for her to be in performances (always thinking ahead that girl).

the boy has decided he wants a guitar and he wants to learn to play this. although i have a soft spot in my heart for guitar playing, i'm a bit worried that this is just a phase (actually for both of them) and once he gets the guitar it will soon be forgotten.

i guess i can't say much---i took piano lessons for all of a few months in 3rd grade. however, it was mainly because we were living at my grandparents house that year and they had a piano--not like my folks had to buy one; which, would not have happened.

a wtf moment---i got my high lights done and hair cut on friday. not one person made one comment (good or bad) about either. granted, it's not drastic and it's not a different look, but hello, my hair is no longer half brown! the hubs didn't use hair spray on his hair yesterday and no less than FOUR people commented on how great it looked. WTF???

remember the friend i had the arguement with and hadn't heard from in about 6 weeks? well, a week or so ago she called and i went to her house at lunch. i thought we'd finally talk through this situation. we chit chatted. granted, i was on my lunch hour, her baby was fussy and her husband ended up coming home a bit early, but she said one thing about it and then didn't even talk about it. guys, i know i can be a total TOTAL bitch, but for me the issue isn't resolved. actually at this point i don't know that there is a resolution. she's called me once since then and the conversation was as if nothing ever happened on her part. i'm not a hard ass; i'm not evil, but when someone is supposed to be your best friend you don't just ignore them for 6 weeks and then start up again like everything is hunky dory and not think there's been some impact on your relationship.

the thing is, i have this weird ability to turn my emotions off in these situations. once someone has hurt me badly i build a wall around my feelings and i'm done. i will be nice, i will be friendly and to a degree there will still be a relationship, but it will never be the same and regardless of what gets said or done i can't go back to how i felt beforehand. i no longer invest anything in that relationship. i did this with my parents and my sister years ago.


Kristin.... said...

I HATE it when my husband or friends don't notice my hair. WHY do I pay money for people to ignore it? ack. Of course, this time, my hairdresser went too far and it's short and I'm so unhappy with it. It can't grow fast enough.
Ok, so with the viola~did the school tell you where you can rent one? Around here there are places to rent musical instruments.
I love classical guitar. sigh.

Anonymous said...

Having been in band in middle and high school I think it's great that she is picking up an instrument. School is a great way to get free lessons! Also, by high school you are invested in a group of friends already.

creative kerfuffle said...

kristin--i'm not digging my hair cut either. i just wanted her to trim up the layers and i ended up w/ some funky sort of half wing things. thankfully the curly mess of it all hides the cut i think. and yes, the school sent home a list of places to get instruments and we're checking around. i think we'll go w/ the renting route for awhile cos damn, one place i called today said $850 for a viola! really? that thing better clean the damn house, cook and do the grocery shopping and laundry for a year for $850.
SIL--i am excited about the musical possibilities, i'm just scared of the financial commitment : ) especially knowing the kids' track records w/ falling in and out of love of different hobbies. i think it would have been cool for her to take band and play the flute : )

Astarte said...

Hey - Josie's picking up violin!!!! We can be in the Screeching Cats Sounds club together! She already has been taking piano for years, but I said that she had to wait until orchestra started in 4th grade to pick up another instrument so the lessons would be during the school day.

I agree that the whole It Never Happened thing doesn't work. It Happened. Is it that she's just really bad at confrontation, so dealt with it on her own and hopes you have, too? I know that's NO excuse, but it's at least a reason? I do the wall thing, too, especially with my mom.

creative kerfuffle said...

screeching cats sounds club! love it! i wish someone in my house would be interested in piano. maybe i should take lessons : )
about the friend thing--i just don't know. i'm emotionally uninvested in it at this point.