Monday, September 15, 2008

schweet, a second monday post

gawd i totally suck monkey balls on post titles. however, what IS a good title for a post that is really just random drivel?

the SIL asked why another piano (as in we rearranged the den and now can fit a piano in there). let me explain.

we have a den (larger) and a living room (smaller). we spend 95% of our time in the den. when we moved into this house 6 years ago (before that we lived in a trailer--aka mobile home for those who put on airs) we bought a piano from one of my friends. it looked good in the living room and i had delusions that perhaps one of the kids would take lessons. it's an antique piano. the hubs is obsessed with LOVES antiques and generally anything old that he gets for a deal.

my grandma will soon be moving in with my aunt and uncle and she will not have room for all of her furniture there. she has a piano. it's the piano my dad and aunt took lessons on. it's the piano i took lessons on (briefly, very briefly). it's the piano that has always been in their living room. it's sentimental to me. and, it seems nobody else in the family has room for it so i might just get it.

now--for those of you who know the hubs in real life---he's well...a pack rat. he likes collecting things. he really likes the piano we have. so, it seems as if we might have two pianos at some point. and, as of right now, nobody in the house that plays. : )

if we win the lottery the hubs will quit his job and start a junk shop i mean antique shop : ) he said he would be fred sanford, only he wouldn't keep the stuff at our house.

halloween (my favorite holiday!) is right around the corner. do you have any awesome costume ideas? for adults and kids. although i think the boy wants to be wolverine or one of the x-men. i guess it would be too dangerous to bind sharp pointy objects to his fingers huh?

so chatty cathy the girl started talking at the bus stop at 6:30 am today (have i mentioned i do not do mornings well?) and picked right back up at the end of the day. her conversation this evening, aside from reporting that she studies better when she's bent over backwards on the footstool w/ her head hanging down because all the blood rushes to her brain, was that there is a new boy on the scene. lord help us.

the girl is my complete opposite when it comes to boys. when i was her age, and older, actually always, if there was a boy i liked i was loathe to tell him. i never ever made the first move (which brought up another story i'll get to in a sec). the girl, however, finds a boy she likes, talks with him a bit and then lowers the L bomb. as in, i like you. right there, in plain english for all to see and leaving herself wide open for rejection. so, she and this boy, who are just friends, she tells him she kinda likes him. he says he kinda likes her too but he'll let her know by friday. wtf is up with that?

so we're sitting around the table and i tell her, uh, girl, you need to stop being the one that makes the first move. the boys should come to you. (outdated info? i don't know.) i just don't like her making the first move. then the hubs says i made the first move on him. as if.

i think i've told this story before. we met in germany (both army brats) when one of the neighborhood girls introduced us. i was a smart ass right off the bat (the hubs was the BMOC) and i didn't know any better. so, he made it his mission to get me back. he fixed me up w/ a younger guy, unbeknownst to me at the time, and meanwhile the hubs and i became great friends. my mom even liked him and told me so. so, as a friend i told the hubs, you know what my mom said? she said i should date you (as in can you believe she said that?) and i said you were too old (3 yrs older) and she said that didn't matter. the hubs says i was coming on to him. i say i was just talking as a friend and relating the incredulous news my mom had laid at my feet. he swears, to this day, i was hitting on him. yeah right. he fixed me up w/ that younger guy and then realized he wanted me for himself and moved in all smooth like. i was naive, never dated, never done anything and he was the more experienced, more manipulative of the two of us. of course i was not hitting on him! sheesh.


Astarte said...

I think it's cool that she knows her own mind, and isn't afraid to say so. She could learn to maybe hold her cards a leetle closer, though, for a few days. You know, until she actually learns his last name and stuff.

Boys are so stupid. 'I'll let you know on Friday'?? How BOY is THAT?! Friday is probably when he'll be finished with his new video game or something, so he's too busy until then to think of anything other than where the secret trap is and which earth-magic-button-combination will get him there. Sheesh. It will be a sorry day when Patrick wakes up and is a Boy.

Josie isn't much better, though. Know what she said when a boy told her he liked her last year? 'Eew, you're WEIRD.' Tact all the way, huh?

creative kerfuffle said...

i think maybe if the girl and josie met in the middle they'd totally rule all boys. though i love that josie said, ew, you're weird! too funny.