Thursday, April 19, 2012

things that have tripped my trigger lately

...and by lately i mean in the last several months.

music--i have to admit to being a judgemental bitch. i assumed amy winehouse would sing heavy metal music that i would hate--i judged a book by its cover. someone sent me a copy of one of her cds. holy shit she had a set of pipes on her. she was born in the wrong time, certainly an old soul. love her music. and adele. i got on that band wagon too--even though they played the hell out of that one song for way too long. lmfao? i cannot stand. i swear when i saw them on dick's rockin' new year's eve (and how sad is that that he died?) i thought it was a clue they were a real band.

books--stephen king is back on track and i loved 11/23/63. i also read the hunger games trio. i will try not to spoil it for those of you who've not read them--but, while many people i talked to where not happy w/ the ending, i was. no, it was not a shiney happy, tied w/ a ribbon ending, but it was the right ending for the story. the movie really disappointed me. i just read jodi picoult's house rules. it's about a single mom w/ two teen sons, one has asperger's. i am curious as to whether her portrayal of a person w/ asperger's is correct. it was very moving and really opened my eyes to what parents of children w/ autism go through--well, you know, as much as a piece of fiction can open your eyes. i am on the lookout for something new to read.

movies--extremely loud and incredibly close. i loved just about everything about this movie. i love the characters and the actors who portrayed them. i love the dialogue and the story and how the story unfolds. yes, it is heartbreaking, but, there is also good to it. the rum diaries--though johnny is in it and i am increasingly obsessed with him (more on that later) i didn't love that movie. it might be because while the girl and i were watching it we were interrupted w/ a mouse siting. the first mouse we have ever had in the house. that distracted me and i couldn't focus on the movie.

stuff--that word game (words w/ friends) and pinterest. holy mother of god those things entertain the shit out of me. when i am beyond mind numbed at work--i like shit on pinterest. i have a johnny board. that man is in my face every damn day--he is fucking gorgeous.

food--since starting the job (it's been almost a year!) i have gained 20 pounds! 20 fucking pounds. why? because i am sitting on my ass all day. it's getting bad and i need to do something. i need to MOVE my body. i need to quit eating!

tv--my new fave? walking dead. do you watch it? i want to cunt punch lori, put a leash on carl, and screw daryl : ) lol. i watched one episode of madmen. i will probably watch it again, but seriously, though i KNOW it is because the time frame it's set in, i can't get passed the sexism.

what music/movies/books have got you all hot and bothered lately?

(and where's the damn spell check on this new blogger layout??)


cheatymoon said...

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close was a great book, so I'm sure I'll watch the movie when it comes to dvd. We may see Hunger Games this weekend. We just watched Crazy Stupid Love and Ryan Gosling was too hot for words in it. Silly movie, but was well worth it.

I've been obsessed with Jack White lately and listening to a lot of him, and also Jason Mraz. I played the heck out of Adele and it's still a go-to. A surprise for me was the Kelly Clarkson album - very girly but quite good.

Madmen is an awesome soap opera. I also fell in love with Downton Abbey -worth watching. Right now I watch Smash and it doesn't suck.

Books - too many books. Cutting for Stone was the last one that kept me up at night. Also Belong to Me - I have an extra copy - can send to you.

Again, I'm blogging in your comment area!! I'm in school vacation mode. :-)

Unknown said...

upper right hand corner for that spell check. damn the new format.

music - Pandora is rocking my face on the following stations: Florence and the Machine, The Pixies, Death Cab For Cutie. I always get a good mix and they play heavy rotation of Arcade Fire who I really really love.

movies - nothing to write home about. i except my tastes are dated. though i love the Gossdong so i concure with Crazy Stupid Love. Check out Lars and the Real Girl. (LOVED)

tv - we don't have cable. i've recently been getting off to the dirty bikers on Sons of Anarchy on DVD. Love that show so much. The Matriarch is a heartless bitch and I adore her.

btw - i haven't read cunt punched in so long and ive missed being around women who can say it and mean it. welcome back.

drollgirl said...

you are alive! you are working! so glad to know both of those things!

rum diaries was B-O-R-I-N-G. i saw it in the theater. waste of money! not the worst movie ever, but not very good.

i LOVE the walking dead. so good. and darryl?! NOM NOM NOM NOM! oh he is so hot!!!!

p.s. this new blogger layout/interface/whatever IS ANNOYING! not liking it!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are back, even if it doesn't last for long. :)

TV: I LOVED Downton Abbey. D and I both watched it, both seasons.

Mad Men made me angry for the same reasons as you, even though it may have been appropriate for the time. Can't watch it, even though it is well done and I like some of the actors. Pete infuriates me.

I liked Hell on Wheels (AMC?). I've been watching Alcatraz, but it's not all that exciting. I like Grimm on NBC. The Killing on AMC is very good, but excruciatingly slow and detailed.

Movies? We just watched Hugo and I liked it. Slow at first, but it's fun. Water for Elephants was good, if you haven't just read the book. They leave a lot out, but I still liked the movie, and Robert Pattinson didn't irk me too much.

Books? I am reading an older Dorothea Benton Frank beach novel right now for entertainment value. Haven't read anything in a while to speak of.

Music? I have been listening to old Genesis, Dawes, and Avett Bros, plus a lot of 80s on 8 on SiriusXM. I like Adele, too. Loved the interview on either 60 Minutes or CBS Sunday Morning with her right before the Grammys.

I am avoiding Pinterest because I love Evernote and already have a large amount of info there. I can clip stuff from Pinterest there, anyway. Don't care about sharing.

I need to MOVE myself , too. Ugh. I have heartburn every day and I feel gross.