Friday, November 3, 2006

Simply preposterous

My friend Donut just told me she read an article that said Katharine Hepburn was bisexual.

I of course Googled Kate and it turns out that there was a book written about her this year that tries to claim that not only was she bi or lesbian but that Spencer Tracy was also bi and their whole romance was a facade.

I'm speechless. Truly I am. I do not give a flip one way or another if people are bi or gay or whatever but I do have a problem with a writer writing such things based on speculation.

Because she wore pants when it just wasn't done and because she had long-time female friends does not mean she was gay. Because she and Spencer never married and she never had kids does not mean she was gay. Why, why does it even matter? The woman has been dead for three years, why come out with a book like that at this point? Now, when anyone who could really support or refute any of this guy's so-called facts are dead?

I've read pretty much every book there is to read about Kate and have seen most of her movies and interviews. I am by no means an expert on her but I admire her, bi or not. I think perhaps something people who write about her forget is that she was an incredibly private person, granted few interviews and at least initially in her career she hated the limelight, fans and the media. She didn't act for the fame or money, she did it because she enjoyed it and couldn't not do it.

She was notorious for telling the press lies or saying tongue-in-cheek things to throw them off. She was married once and at that time a reporter asked if they had any kids, she said yes, three white and two black ones.

I don't even know what my point is. I'm not saying it's not possible for her whole life to be a lie, I'm just saying if it is I don't want to know it is.

To this day I think one of the most romantic scenes in any movie is in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner when Spencer Tracy finally comes around to the fact that his daughter is going to marry Sidney Poitier and he talks about the love he has for Katharine Hepburn--well, for her character in the movie.

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