Thursday, July 7, 2005

CF's Debut

Ok, blogging is new to me, sort of. I write one for work but nobody reads it. I had so much to say before I started building this thing and have since gotten sidetracked by filling out the profile. I love filling stuff out, give me a questionnaire, one of those ubiquitous email personality tests, whatever, I'm there.
However, I'm not a woman of few words and found it difficult to edit down my favorite things. Movies, Katherine Hepburn is my idol so I love all of her movies. I like dramas and romantic comedies but not stupid slapstick comedies. I also like some horror, like The Others. I rarely see current movies, unless they're rated G or PG--ask me anything about Madagascar or the Harry Potter movies. My kids have watched the HP movies so often they've started speaking with an English accent. We live in NC.
Books, Stephen King rocks (though his movies certainly do not, except Shawshank Redemption) and I freely admit to peppering my reading lineup with lots of trashy romance novels. I recently read The Map of Love, which sounds like a love story, but it's an incredible tale about lives intertwined in Egypt and how a trunk filled with journals and letters brought those lives together.
So, now that I've expanded on my profile, down to my purpose here. To write, to be read, to polish my skills and perhaps to find out there are others out there, like me, with a twisted (not in a dark way) sarcastic sense of humor.


Anonymous said...

So far, I'm into this.
More comments will definitely follow later.

keri marion said...

blog on, sister!

watching with swarming eyes


Anonymous said...

very nice ms. kerfuffle. i hope to learn more about the dark inner workings of your twisted mind ;)

guinea pig.