Tuesday, January 1, 2008

the list for 2008

i will not call these resolutions, it's just my to do list for the year. yes yes, i will do other things this year, but these are just, ya know, things i want to do that don't revolve around others. i could make these like our stupid, hateful, pointless, pdp's at work (personal developmental poop--i don't know what it really stands for) where you have to set the goal AND how it will be measured AND when it will be measured--but of course i won't cos that's just sadistic.

1. read more books--can i tear myself away from the computer long enough to read at least one a month? c'mon, raise the barre.

2. weight--still tackling it but i'm going to say lose another size not pounds.

3. learn to cook one new thing really, really well.

4. carry overs from 2007---figure out the damn mp3 player; get film developed

5. commit to a hair color. here's the problem i was born blond but the older i get the darker it gets and dammit i just don't look right with brown hair. through the years i've had it colored or highlighted and more often than not i've done it myself, and often that has been quite amusing (afterwards, in pictures when i was able to laugh at myself). i hate the thought of having to maintain a color but i don't know if i hate the thought of being a brunette worse. not that there's anything wrong w/ brunettes, why, some of my best friends are brunettes : ), but i've seen pictures of me w/ all brown hair and i don't like it.

6. the hubs (i told him i was working on my to do list for 2008 and he asked that i put him on it)


guinea pig said...

don't be dissing us brunettes.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

hey GP, i'm not hatin' on the brunettes, just saying i don't make a good one. ; )

Anonymous said...

I think you should show us the photos in question, and let us decide your hair color. :)

Just think about all the time and money you'd save going natural!

Sweet Brunette T

Creative Kerfuffle said...

i don't know if i have any digitals of me w/ brown hair. if not i'll have to bring some the next time we have lunch. yes, time and money is what's keeping me from going out right now and getting these roots turned blond