Tuesday, January 22, 2008

thought provoking tv show

ok, i've babbled to a handful of people today about this show we watched on the history channel last night, life after people.

if you didn't watch it, there's an encore presentation this wednesday night. it is very interesting (i even missed jon & kate + 8 for it). it's basically about what happens to the planet when there are no people around. it doesn't say how we got gone (presumably not from anything like an atom bomb cos the plants and animals are still around) but it's a timeline. hours after people, days, weeks, a year, up to a thousand years i think.

first of all, i can't imagine the complete darkness that would be inevitable. night without one single bit of electric light? think about how dark it is when you're driving in the middle of bum fuck egypt in the middle of the night and then increase that. wow. that's dark.

it also is interesting because of all the things we think we as a people have done better than ancient civilizations---sky scrapers, technology, cars, etc.---none of those will be around in 1,000 years. no books, cds, photos, etc. no records of our existence. egyptian clay tablets, cave drawings, still around, us, not so much.

watch it and let's discuss. i'm fascinated but don't want to go into too much cos i hope you all watch it. (no, i'm not getting a kick back from the history channel to encourage your viewing!).

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Trish said...

Gonna watch it tonight so we can discuss on Thursday.