Saturday, January 12, 2008

late night

after a long day of working the show i had a work dinner this evening. donut didn't so she got room service and hung out in the room. my dinner was at 7:30 so i naively thought i'd be back by around 10 at least. it is midnight and i've just gotten in.

my room key wouldn't work. i had a west wing flash back. for those of you who've been reading awhile you know of my west wing obsession. so, during the santos/vinnick campaign there's this episode where josh repeatedly has trouble with his key card and getting into his room. this was my dilemma this evening. i tried it. nothing. i tried it for about five minutes then i started knocking on the door. donut was asleep. i knocked some more. i called her on her cell. poor thing i woke her up to let me in.

now it's midnight and i'm tired but not yet ready for sleep.

dinner was fine but it's hard when there are like 9 people to actually have a conversation with anyone other than those sitting right beside you. i wanted to sit near this one person since he is going to be a speaker at my conference but it didn't end up that way. i wish i could blurt out here who it is but that would be probably telling too many details about work and this is anonymous after all. suffice it to say that many people would probably recognize him. he's on a popular tv design show.

during my time here in atlanta the conference has sort of been on hold. lucky me when i get back in the office on monday i'll have the joy of contending with that.

when i talked to the hubs this evening before i came up to the room he informed me that when he was at my mom's this evening my dumb ass sister backed her mini van into his car in my parent's driveway. that is the second time our car has been hit in that damn driveway. the first time my dad did it several years ago. fuck fuck fuck. i cannot even believe that shit.

i'm ready for a vacation please and thank you. life is not going that wonderfully right now and i really really thought 2008 was going to be a great year for us. i guess i should take solace in the fact that the important things in my life are going great. i couldn't be happier with the hubs and the kids. really they are my saving graces.

maybe it really is time for me to find a new job and move on, though when i'm at shows, talking to vendors etc. i feel like i know what i'm doing. it's just the damn conference that kicks my ass.

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broad minded said...

keep focusing on the good stuff. make it your mantra and that will help, at least somewhat.

you have got to tell me who the conference person is you are talking about!!!