Sunday, January 20, 2008

ah to be young again

though we celebrated the girl's birthday thursday on her actual birthday ( 1/17/07 1:14 a.m.), yesterday we had her official party.

she had friends (four) and family (the usual crowd minus the SIL who had a prior commitment) and it was good. it started snowing shortly before the party and the kids actually got to go outside and build a snowman.

it's not huge, but they had fun. there were a few snowballs lobbed, including one square in my back from my bro--asshole : )

this year it was painfully obvious how old she is compared to her cousins. she and her friends gathered around the computer to "play" with the new webkinz she got and generally acted like one person moving from room to room together. one of the girls, the one that spent the night, has a boyfriend and i kid you not, every other sentence was oh johnny is so cute, i like johnny, i wonder what johnny is doing. i'm pretty surprised and scared by all of this because this little girl, whom we've known for years, is so not the boyfriend type--at least i didn't think so. by that i mean that she's never shown an interest in them and really seems to have a level head on her shoulders. anyway, it's been interesting to watch them all interact. it's 10:05 sunday morning and the girls just got up.

at nearly 1 a.m. they were still giggling in the girl's room and the hubs and the boy had moved to the couch to have what i can only assume was guy time--staying up late and watching tv---because the boy was feeling a little left out. i woke up around 3ish and the girls were finally asleep and the boys were crashed on the couch. i turned off all the lights and went back to bed.

my grandma came to the party yesterday. my mom brought up my vision quest and my grandma proceeded to tell me (bless her forgetful heart) that yes, she has glaucoma and my aunt has cataracts and my paw-paw had cataracts and everyone in her family was blind--ok, not really but just about. she also said that since she's lived here in nc (which is not as long as the 15 years we've been here) that there have been several times that it snowed 10 inches in one day. wonder were i was on those days cos i sure as hell missed some good snows. i hope my dad and aunt win this time in convincing her to move in with them (part time with one, part time with the other) because she's really starting to scare me. i don't think it's safe for her to live alone. thankfully she's resigned to the fact she can't drive and is actually talking about selling her car. whoever buys it will get a helluva deal cos it's like 10 years old with about 30,000 miles on it or something crazy like that.

off to make the girls' some breakfast. happy sunday : )

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