Wednesday, January 23, 2008


for next tuesday when donut finds out if she's having a girl munchkin or a boy munchkin : ) i'm so very excited. and though she told me i get to be in the delivery room for the big event i'm thinking it might come down to her mom and sister wanting to be in there and i just want her to know if that's the case i will be ok with whatever she decides. regardless i will be at the hospital though, even if it's just listening outside the door ; )

for the dreaded period. i know, as much as i bitch about it i'm off schedule and it's driving me nuts. i was on the same schedule w/ donut but her pregnancy threw me off. i must be highly influenced cos i often start cycling in tandem w/ close female co-workers. i have all the signs, quick to irritate, sleepiness (i.e. i'm ready for bed at 11 instead of 1 or 2) and i don't like any of my clothes when it's time to get dressed in the morning.

for the hair to grow. i do love it, really i do. it's shorter than it's been since the boy was born i think, but it looks sassy and the color rocks. however, you know how i have that hair twirling thing? it's not a good twirling length and that's driving me nuts.

for the next time i see my SIL to see how much she's showing : ) it's been since new year's eve and i'm sure puddin' is growing. SIL--are you feeling movement yet?


Anonymous said...

Yes, the baby is rocking and rolling in there! SIL

Creative Kerfuffle said...

yeah! i wanna feel your belly!!!!