Friday, January 18, 2008

hairy issues

dear lord i think one of my best friends and the hubs might end up in a knock down drag out fight : ) nah, not really. if you're up for a heated political debate check out broad minded (link on the right). i am so not politically minded and have no idea who i'm going to vote for. i hate politics and honestly, for the most part do not feel my vote matters that much. i don't like politicians, regardless of their views. i feel like it's all a game and the one with the most money and muscle wins. that's my cynical view. my naive, rose-colored glasses view is that politics should be like on west wing and matt santos should be president.

having said that--i will dip my toe in the water by voicing some of my opinions on hot issues.

abortion---before i had kids i was pro-choice. after kids---i have a tougher time with it. i think if there is a danger to the life of the baby or the mother it should be an option, like in the first month at the latest. partial birth? no, i don't think that's right at all.

gay marriage---i think anyone should be able to marry anyone they want regardless.

welfare---so much needs fixed with that system. it seems it's either all or nothing. why can't there be a middle ground? you need a little help for a little while, ok, but you better be getting a job and getting off the dole within a set time period. you shouldn't get to ride the gravy train and get free health care etc. and more benefits the more kids you have. i would have had more kids if i could have afforded it but i couldn't so i didn't.

immigration---i think if you want to live here you need to go through the proper channels to do so legally. if you are here illegally you need to go home and start the process legally. i do not think you should get free health care, etc. i do not think we should have to start having road signs, etc. in any other language. if i went to live in france or china or germany i would not expect the country to accommodate me, i would need to change to fit into it.

i think every vote should count, not have an electoral college; i think independents should get the same voice as dems and reps; i think it shouldn't matter how much money you have--you shouldn't have to be rich to run for public office, you should just have good, executable ideas; i don't think there should be huge tax loop holes for big companies; i don't think drug companies and insurance companies should have all the power they do; i think there probably is a cure for cancer out there and it's been held back because they make too much money on treating it the way things are now; i think there should be art and music in schools and that the schools should be governed locally not nationally.

enough on that for now. if you want to know my opinion on an issue ask and i'll try to respond.

another hairy issue:
the girl's bday party is scheduled for tomorrow, complete with a sleepover. we are expecting another snow storm. ok, 1-3 inches but for us that could get ugly. though i desperately want snow i hope it waits until after her party. you only turn 11 once.

last hairy issue:
i am finally getting my hair done on monday. i'm thinking of getting a nice dorothy hamill or something : 0 nah, i'm kidding. i am going to get some of it cut, it's looking too big hair 80s though i don't have bangs. and some highlights. i hate hair.


broad minded said...

way to share your opinion. i applaud. and i promise to not be too mean or brutal to the hubs . . .

on a side note, i just have to share that the term partial birth is not in fact a true medical term (the actual procedure is called a dilation and extraction), that is something the right-to-lifers and politicians cooked up to freak people out. not to mention the fact that it is extremely rare for abortions to be performed after the first trimester (according to Planned Parenthood 88% of abortions are performed in the first trimester). Additionally, more than 60% of abortions performed are on women who already have children. Finally, the statistics show that 1 in 3 American women will have an abortion in their lifetime. Kind of shocking I think, but I guess it just shows you the shame that surrounds having an abortion, no matter what the reason.

Honestly, as a mom, I don't know if I could do it now myself even if something was horribly wrong with the baby. But I want it to always be an option for whoever may need it.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

i knew when i told him about your blog there would be heated discussions, but i think (for the most part!) you are both adult enough to debate the issues w/out it coming to blows.

as for my views, i've always said i'm not that knowledgeable about most of these things, i just go on gut feeling. i really am surprised at the 1 in 3 women stat. wow. i guess i just hate to see it used as birth control, which i know people do, and as a way out for people who just don't want to deal with it.