Monday, January 7, 2008

shirts and skins

so we're sitting at dinner this evening and the boy, yet again, comes to the table without a shirt on. just to recap, the boy likes not wearing clothes. as soon as he gets home in the evenings the shirt comes off. i have to admit, this doesn't bother me and actually makes me smile a little bit because, odd as it may be to some people, my grandpa used to do this ALL the time. the few pictures i have of him he's not wearing a shirt. anyway, back to the story.

this is not acceptable to the hubs. he told the boy he needs to wear a shirt to dinner. the boy then informed us that he has named his...wait for it, yes, i hurl when i hear it but the kids think this word is hysterical...titties. god, i hate that word. he's named his "titties" bob and fred. (ya know, people just cannot make up the shit that comes out of kids mouths sometimes). ok. so he's named them. back to the conversation about putting on a shirt for dinner.

then the girl chimes in how it's not fair that the boy gets to run around the house without a shirt on and she should get to do the same thing. the boy said, no, cos you have girl titties. by this point i'm just flabbergasted and have said don't say titties about 20 times. they laugh every time. i'm laughing. the hubs is laughing. the girl says ok, if what if i just wore a bra. (granted her bras are like t shirts but still). egads it really won't get any better will it?

so i am feeling a bit better today (see yesterday's comments). mrs. a--thanks for making me feel like i'm a normal mom : ) knowing that i'm not the only one who has a hard time juggling things really makes me feel better. GP and the Hubs---i love you guys : ) i really do have the most incredible husband ya know. he even offered to have people taken out--he knows people. of course we won't result to those measures but it's nice to have a back up plan. ; )

folks, it really isn't that my job is my identity. at least i don't think it is. i realize that jobs come and go and the most important things in my life are right here with me, watching tv and snoozing on the sofa. i guess it's just that i've not really sucked at stuff before. ok, THAT sounds totally arrogant. what i mean is, i did well in school. i got good grades, it came easy to me and i did well. i haven't loved every job i had but i can remember a boss not being pleased with me. ok, there was the sexist pig at one of my former jobs but he had it out for our whole staff (of women) so that doesn't count. i just feel that in this job, no matter how relaxed i get, how comfortable and competent i begin to feel they come along and pull the rug out from under me.

i had to tell my "employees" (though they do not report to me they are my staff) all two of them what was going on today because one was in the meeting and because i roll like that. we're such a small staff they have to know what's going on. it was reassuring, even if it was preaching to the choir, that they feel my pain and that they think i'm doing a good job. of course there's always the...well, she's the boss like we're going to tell her she sucks...but they could just not say anything.

long story short, though it's really not short, i do feel some what better. i do know that i am doing the best i can and that if something does happen and i get fired it won't kill me and i will find something else and, more importantly, my friends and family won't give a shit.


tl said...

Next time the mucky-mucks at work are bitching in your face, just ask yourself, "I wonder what Bob and Fred think?"


Creative Kerfuffle said...

oh TL---that is priceless : ) maybe i could write a kid's book--the adventures of bob and fred. oh the trouble they'd get in ; )

Anonymous said...

Your job is SO not your identity!! Sorry things are always iffy at work. I hate thinking that someone doesn't think I'm doing my job as well as I could, even if I know I am! It always makes you second guess yourself, which sucks.

I like the Bob and Fred idea! Stick with that.

Luv ya,
Sweet T