Tuesday, January 29, 2008

sports, slaughtering english and babies

first i have to share with you just how little sports information is floating around in my family. we are not sport watchers. we are not fans. my children know little to nothing about sports. witness the conversation snippets we overheard on the way to the coven meeting, i mean cub scouts tonight.

the girl: the packers are playing england this weekend.

roflmao. ok, honestly i don't have the first clue who is playing this weekend (it's the super bowl right?) but i'm pretty sure it isn't england.

then the boy was talking about golf and said the ball sits on this golf stand and you hit it with a puck. mmmm, ok.

second--the coven leader was talking about a trip we're taking in may to visit a battleship. apparently she wants us all to conjugate at 9 p.m. that friday night. hmmm, i was, i am, i will be. there, i conjugated.

and....drum roll paaaaaleeeze : ) i was a tad, wee bit excited this morning because donut was going to the doctor to find out what we're, i mean she, is having. my bro and sil can relate to my badgering cos i did the same thing when they had their appointment. i called and left donut a voicemail around 7:30 or so. then i called at 9:45 (her appointment was at 8:30). we played phone tag and i finally talked to her at 10:14 and guess what? she's having a GIRL! another baby girl in our midst. yeah girls! maybe puddin and munchkin could be friends : )

two more things then i'm done.

do you know the song goodbye stranger by supertramp? if not here are the lyrics. the hubs says this song is about weed. i say it's about girls. wtf? goodbye mary, goodbye jane--really? it's about weed?

second last thing---triangles. omg the girl's math is getting harder. acute, right, obtuse, isosceles, yada yada. i had to google the damn things to get my brain jogged. i hate math.

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