Friday, January 25, 2008

facial hair

the hubs and i had a discussion the other day about facial hair. as you might remember when the hubs got back from oklahoma he was sporting facial hair, which i commented about here. since then my bro has teased him a little calling him the professor. i still think it's hot and he still has the facial hair, ok a beard but not a full on 70s biker beard or anything.

people, ok, women, have made comments to him about it. some older women in his office have said he looks like santa (cos it's mostly white) while other, younger women in the stores say it's hot.

his theory is the old women see it and it makes them think age and that they're old and so they don't like it but the young ones see it and thing, sexy older guy.

i think it's more a generational thing that goes in waves. you saw more beards in the 70s. in the 80s the clean shaven look was in. in the 90s the beard gave way to the goatee, flavor savor, whatever else they call partial facial hair but not full on beard.

i don't like full beards but some facial hair is sexy i think. it's kind of anti-establishment, bad boy, rough, sexy.

what's your opinion on facial hair?


broad minded said...

I have always been a fan of some, I tend to gravitate to the goatee look though. go figure.

i have dated guys who had a full beard and you have to tread lightly there, or you end up looking scuzzy.

and then of course, there was my childhood crush on grizzly adams. crazy, i know.

Mrs. A. said...

Full on beards -- yuck. (think Kenny Rogers. My dad had a beard just like it and--no. Just --no).

Partial facial hair -- very hot (think Johnny Depp).

My own hubs only looks good clean-shaven. It might have to do with the shape of his face/head.

Mrs. A

Creative Kerfuffle said...

yeah, plus full on beards can be too scratchy on your face, neck...i'll stop right there ; )

tl said...

Liked it when I had it, like it now I don't. Either way, better on men than women.

Anonymous said...

While a goatee doesn't bother me too much, a freshly shaven face is quite nice to the touch. I'm sure the men would say that they like it when their woman has just shaved. And I agree, the scratchy can be annoying and sometimes painful in delicate areas. I'll take what I can get at this point. Gotta stop thinking about that now...

Sweet T