Monday, January 28, 2008

danger will robinson

ah, i don't know how to break this to you but you might want to avoid me/the blog/my phone calls etc. for awhile.

the hubs and i are experimenting with another simultaneous event---we're going to quit smoking. yeah i know. you've heard it before.

see, when he took over as the CFO jan. 1 the plan was that cigarettes would come out of the food budget until the end of january and at that point we would either quit or pay for them out of our allowance. (stop laughing, the money thing is working so far). well, we have done the grocery shopping for the week and did not buy cigarettes and frankly neither of us has the allowance left to buy smokes. there is money that could be used to buy cigarettes but we are, at least for today, going with the premise that we aren't going to smoke anymore.

the last cig i had was in the garage before i left the house for work at 8:30. it is 11:42. i did not smoke on the way to work nor since i've been here. i have stories to write today, it is hard for me to write without hopping outside for a smoke to think.

so, we may be hateful, bitchy, mean, testy for awhile. oh and on top of that keely and leah have decided to become houdinis.

friday my neighbor called and they had crawled under the fence to another yard. this morning she called and they were in her yard. when the hubs went home to inspect keely had dug a hole for her and another, larger one, for leah so they could go play in the neighbor's yard with her dogs. dear lord please please please do not let them run away again!!!!!

i so want a smoke right now.

i read somewhere last week that coffee, tea, soda and meat make cigarettes taste good. frankly i've never thought they tasted good, except clove cigarettes, and i hate the smell of regular cigarettes, marlboro lights please (i know, so why do i smoke??? no idea). water, fruit, veggies and milk are supposed to make cigarettes taste bad.

anyone have a big carrot and a glass of milk i could borrow???

*******breaking news update*********
12:11 the moratorium on tobacco products has been suspended until january 31, the original cessation date because the administration has decided that immediate, unplanned cessation is probably not the best plan of attack. (or perhaps it's the fact that i've called him like 20 times this morning asking if he was jonesin' for a smoke as much as i was. ok, it wasn't 20 but i think he heard the panic in my voice.) he has approved the line item budget spending and will deliver products to me today, at work : )


broad minded said...

through my new gig i can recommend the freedom from smoking program offered to you by the american lung association. it has steps, apparently that you walk through, including setting up a quit date. check it out.

Anonymous said...

Thinking about what you can't have always makes you want it more. I'm glad you're busy at work, at least.

Hope the dogs stay put! I know what you went through the last time they escaped. Maybe you should put webcams on their heads. That could be fun!

Sweet T