Thursday, January 10, 2008

live from peachtree center

or peachtree street or something peachtree, everything here in atlanta is peachtree something. very confusing i tell ya. however, the hubs gave me his gps for the drive down here and let me tell you, that think rocks my world. garmin is my new boyfriend. i've used them before in rentals but i don't know if it's just this model or what but it is awesome. if you miss a turn it recalculates and still gets you where you need to go. woohoo.

i wish i could say the same for the other technology i'm relying on this week. it took me for fucking ever to get the computer hooked up in the hotel, hence the reason no blog from me last night. and my stupid cell phone. at&t bites ass. i need verizon so the grey coat nerd and all his friends can follow me around.

our drive down yesterday was uneventful, unlike the last time several years ago that donut and i tried to get here. what should have taken us 5 hours last time took like 6 or 7. we were misdirected. garmin got us here just fine in our granny car. it's a big ass mercury marquis. i feel like my grandma driving it but it is a smooth ride.

9pm and we're both back from our respective work dinners, in our jammies watching the tube. we're like two little old ladies : )

i would get donut to blog tonight too but she's wrapped up in celebrity apprentice : ) she'll be asleep before it's over i bet : ) her first trade show w/ a bun in the oven. i told her that this time next year she'll be calling home checking on munchkin instead of the dog. i so can't wait : )

things you get used to--features on the tv. we have dish network at home and it has a button to push for the guide and the pause tv stuff etc. i didn't realize how much i used that until i watch tv that doesn't have it. yeah, i'm spoiled.

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